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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Ogre Battle 64: Person of Lordly Caliber (I told you so)

Warren poits into the shop town, and Kamui skates, retreating from the all-Ninja team as he goes. It's almost payday and we're scrambling to take some more towns before high noon. And Warren, as always, leaves naught but ash in his wake.

...ooh! Ash and a Stone of Dragos, or "DragoStone" in Japanese. If I can ever drop Kamui or Gilbert's alignment far enough to become a Beast Master, he can then become a Dragon Tamer. Good drop!
Violet beats back the Vultans threatening her town, and gets a couple Paladins out of the deal. One more point of ALI and she should make Freija too.

And Gilbert finds our next Chaos Gate! Rad. After a long night of fighting, I dismiss Aisha, pull Rauny and boot her to a shop town, and move Warren to the town slightly closer to Fort Allamoot. Time to finish this up.

Warren slips past a lot of the enemies...

...which sure leaves poor Gilbert with quite a workload. Hoo boy.

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