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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Ogre Battle 65: Is There Anything Warren Can't Beat? (Well...)

After a long slog for everyone involved, Warren faces down the twins.

Well, let's see. I've got a slew of Emperors stocked, so...

I didn't get the screenshot quick enough, but this fucker does something called "Gemini Attack" where he threw Pollux at Warren and ONE-HITTED HIM.
After a quick resurrection, Warren begins the mighty slog through the many units that have spawned to guard the twins. We're opening with attack cards this time.

Magician, with its fire-element damage, does the trick.

Good take! But we're not done here moneywise. While I was working my way through the stage, the locals gave Canopus a Star Fragment.

Take it to this town. Answer "Yes" to the first question.

But no to the next two. The first offer is 10,000 Goth, the second is 100K. The third and final is 200,000 Goth! So 700K Goth should keep us operating for the foreseeable future.

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