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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Ogre Battle 68: Anime Ja Nai

Well, this is a surprise! I left Shaft in charge of guarding the shop town, and the enemy actually worked their way all the way around to there on foot. Shaft makes them regret it, despite being in drydock for what feels like years: he kills the unit leader and knocks the enemy off the side of the world. Satisfying!

Otherwise, things go well. Norn does her best Warren impression, annihilating units left and right. We're waiting for sunrise, gotta get paid...

...paid, after a long night for Gilbert. Time to visit Fogel. I pop the real Warren to give Gilbert a rest (and not run through ALL my goddamn Seven League Boots,) and the slog begins.

Contact! I imagine the conversation goes something like "Fogel, wake up! Don't you remember us?" "I... I... It doesn't matter! All that matters is the will of Rashidi, my master!" "We don't want to fight you, but we have no choice!" "Aha! You've triggered my Trap Card!" etc.

...I hope that's just a helmet.

We can't lose this. We've got an obscene amount of damage and a handful of Emperor cards.

Norn finishes both of them off with her Moon Tiara Magic or whatever.

And after a sound thrashing, Fogel comes to his senses and joins us, as promised.

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