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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Ogre Battle Extra: One Good Lich Deserves Another.

Debonair leaves Norn's unit to make room for Fogel. The three Sky Knights are reunited! Meanwhile...

FLAIL is gifted with a Sentoul Demon here. You may remember that Borgnine the Mage will trade those for Undead Staves, which make Goetic/Mages into the next level up.

Remember Toad? Remember that thing he wanted to buy off of us? Well, here...

...is this guy. He gives us an Undead Ring. So yeah, Saradin's a Lich now- he's got the highest Intelligence in the game, so he should be even better than Warren in due time.

And this is Debonair's new unit. A pair of Doll Masters(Called Enchanters here) for the back row, and Black Knights for the front. Not high-aligned units, but effective ones.

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