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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Ogre Battle 69: It's Just A Number. Stop Snickering.

With some new deadly and expensive units primed and ready, we now turn our attention to the Dalmuhd Desert. (Which is an accurate way of representing the katakana here, "darumu-do." After seeing Sharom as Shalom and Rashidi as Rushdie, I was half expecting the Talmud Desert.

Not a big stage and not a complex one either: liberate stuff, kill Ninja Master, go home. But it is kind of deserty, which could be a problem. Let's find out!

I start out with my lowest level people: Landis, Hannah, Lanselot, Aisha... and Kamui goes treasure-huntin', of course. We'll send Gilbert out to liberate the more distant towns and follow up with Boots on the ground. I want to get Saradin out there to level up, because he'll be the Best Lich Ever with a few more levels on him.

Surprisingly Kamui, flying dangerously near the enemy base (on the upper left of the map shot, FYI- does anyone else want to pronounce that "fyee?") is not the first one to get the attention of our enemies. That's Lans, who's heading towards the shop town. Hannah liberates her target and learns of Prochon, or "Purokion." Sounds Greek...

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