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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Ogre Battle 70: In Which I Invent an Undead Horror-Based Soup

Unsurprisingly, the enemies pass Lans by in favor of FLAIL. Who will in all likelihood kill them until they die from it. No. Wait. Stop. Don't. /Wonka

Just before the Ninja Master accosts Landis the Samurai Master on the way to FLAIL, Kamui digs up a sword called Musashi's Blade. I take it as a sign and slap it on him. It... kinda doesn't help a lot? He loses the fight, costs me a couple of Revives, three Potions and a Boot, and still loses the next time... though he does at least level his whole unit, take out the enemy commander, and fail to die that time. Still pulling Saradin if shit continues to get real.
Elsewhere, Hannah repels Berserkers. Which is odd, because I never expected Berserkers to be all that choosy. ...okay, that was bad. But more importantly her Valkyrie becomes a Freija!

So tempting to just take my shot and have done with it. But Kamui couldn't stand up to a full complement of Ninjas. May give Prochon to Saradin...

Either way, Saradin's on the field and about to test his new Lichy self against a Samurai Master. Hopefully he won't end up as Lichyssoise.

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