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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Ogre Battle 71: To Injure a Ninja

Neat thing about the Tiamats I put in Saradin's unit: they get targeted Acid Breath attacks from the front row. They and Saradin make mincemeat of the unit leader. He's not in any danger. I'm so pleased with his performance that I do something you should never, ever do...

...I let him liberate a town. PR Nightmare ahoy! ...also possibly literal nightmares for the townsfolk, but eh.
You want to talk lucky? On our last town to liberate, we pull the Sun...

...making it payday. Time to get Saradin rolling.

We keep busy as he heads for the boss. In a movie it'd be one of those nice fight scenes where every major character ends up with something significant to do... and because of this it probably goes on a little too long. Paula even ends up facing down a unit with Undead, and becomes a Bishop as a result- how lucky can you get?

And now Saradin, having completed his Desert Slogtacular Tour, meets Prochon. Nice mask!

He's a slippery son of a bitch. It takes us a couple tries and every Emperor we've got to take him down.

But he's down.

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