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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Ogre Battle 72: Perhaps We Should Call Him CAN'Topus.

The enemies, as usual, are all streaming down towards home base and FLAIL. I pull Saradin just to preserve the hero's Alignment!

We pulled a Moon card earlier, and we're actually looking like we may lose money when payday comes around. And Canopus has a clear shot. There's a lot left unliberated, but... let's see if he can do it.

Well, damn. A last-minute set of Angels repels him. We'll give it one more try, and if it's no go we'll take the nearby town and send somebody better.

Nope, and now there's another new unit too. Let's let somebody else do that. To town!

Well, upshot's that payday turned out okay. I think I'll have Rauny and the Freijas finish this up, because that would be a great name for a `50s rock band. As often happens on these death marches to the enemy boss, Rauny levels up to Unstoppable Killing Machine levels before we get there. But we get there!

Here's Landers, or whoever. He says... stuff.

Nasty group, but let's see how they hold up against 6-12 consecutive lightning strikes, depending on how many Emperors I need to lay out.

6 was the magic number, but I still had to drop an Emperor since one of the Freijas went down. Damn Meteor Strike.

And we're done with this, but now to go back and deal with some other stuff.

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