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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Ogre Battle 72: Ryhan Styles

Back in Dalmuhd Desert briefly we visit this town.

And this man. He wants the Quicksilver we got a while back, and in exchange he gives us the Gem of Doun, the thing we need to get the thing we need to get the thing to get the things to get the best ending. Yay...? So after that we head back to Pogrom Forest and pick up the Olden Orb, or Orb of Auld, or something along those lines, which is the next item in the chain. Suffice to say it's round and not new.

Next up is the Ryhan Sea, or the Sea of Rai in Japanese it seems. I think we've got five, maybe six stages left before we're done!

It's very vertical. The enemy castle's at the top. We get the last thing in the thing chain after we clear this stage, so let's push ahead, yes?

Liberating towns brings up the name "Landrus," or maybe "Landers." I guess he's our problem today. Or actually, we're his. Gilbert sights Angels and Faeries, so it's a high-Alignment stage. So Warren and Saradin should be effective if all else fails. I kinda hope all else fails. Canopus skates pretty close to the enemy capital to pick up some treasure, and manages to skate directly in-between everything that gets sent at him. The Wind Rider/Caller/etc. sure lives up to his nickname, whatever it happens to be...

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