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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Ogre Battle 73: Everybody Must Get Stoned (Part 1)

Here we meet Taruto. Or Talt. Or Tult. Who gives us the final of the three Mystic Thingies we need to retrieve the Tablet of Yaru and collect Zodiac Stones. So now it's back to Shangrila!

Where the goddess Fellana presents us with the Tablet of Yaru. Or Yar Or Yal. Or Yul. Or...

Our first Zodiac Stone's right here in Shangrila, at the only Temple on the map. I forget the English name, but here it's "Sardonicus." 11 to go...

Back in the Slums of Zenobia, Debonair's old digs, we get #2, the Black Agate. Aw, and I was hoping for a Tiger's Eye...

(Marble Humor)

Next is the only Temple in the Dalmuhd Desert. It's the Yellow Beryl!

Here in Sigurd/Shiguld, we get the Red Agate!

The next one is complicated. First we have to go to Organa, where instead of the Onyx, we're told that it's missing and as a consolation get the "Okashi no Ie," which translates to "Candy House," far as I can tell.

Here in Diaspola/Diaspora, we run into Posha again, the little girl whose mother we helped cure of some awful disease or other. Plot Cancer, more or less. She asks for the Candy House, and we give it to her. And lo! The Onix is inside the Candy House, and after she breaks a crown on it she gives it to us. (Note, please, the sound effects for eating: "Pakupakupakupakupaku." Sound familiar? Hint: only Fozzie Bear is really saying Wocka Wocka Wocka.

Five down, seven to go... we'll pick up on that next time!

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