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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Ogre Battle 77: The Last Zodiac Stone

Expensive though it may be, I pull Saradin and let him take FLAIL's place at the base. His Alignment is immaterial. So are his opponents after a couple rounds of Lich Mojo.

Aisha is the center of attention here, and she's requiring a steady stream of Ankhs and Boots to hold the town. But she's leveling up to only half-useless, so yay?

Kamui finishes his treasure run, and I park him in the town nearest Mizal so we can Boot Norn and Yushis up to take care of things.

A lot of things.

A few bloodbaths later, the sisters meet.

And battle. We're so far ahead we don't have to play a single card. And after giving us some kind of crucial information involving Rashidi and Ogres, Mizal is no more.

While Yushis mourns her sister, Kamui returns to the Tundra and makes his last fetch-quest to the temple nearest the enemy base. He recovers the... "Budissai," whatever the hell that translates to. Our quest for the Zodiac Stones is complete, and all the pieces are in place for me to get the best ending!

Now there's just four more stages between us and the Empress and Rashidi. Monday: the Road to the Final Four!

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