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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Ogre Battle 79: It's Always Three.

The Demons here are high level- they even know Meteor Strike. But Canopus holds them off by virtue of the holy-element weapons his crew's packing. (Also an occasional World card.)

At a hidden Roshifellian Temple in the middle of the map, Gilbert finds Fafnir, a high-power sword of the Lightning element. Handy!
Various skirmishes are fought, and we work our way towards the capital, where Previa of the Four Devas await us. The Four Devas are the Empire's top men- you know, those filler-arc guys in every manga and anime you have to kill all of before anything interesting can ever happen again. They usually come in seven-packs, but I guess Quest ran out of memory space. Debonair was one of them, and I think that guy from a while back was too. You know, the one Debonair used to know, gave Deb his sword once we croaked him... yeah, that guy.

We're actually having to use an irksome number of cards here, but we're holding okay. Could be a lot worse. In the town nearest the enemy base, we learn about the three sacred treasures of Zenobia. We have the Brunhild sword, and the others are too kanjiful for me to get anywhere with. So we'll go with the Armband and Grail, which were the US names. Tristan's mother has the Armband, if she's around...

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