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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Ogre Battle 80: One Less Deva, One More Artifact, One Less...

Good news is, we don't have to use Tristan to finish the stage. I appreciate this because Tristan is freakin' expensive. Previa's weak against lightning, so a bunch of that will do a nice job. I'm going to send Rauny since it's been a while since she took the stage. She's only a few hundred Goth cheaper than Tristan, but what can I say? I like the idea of using Thundershock until Team Previa Blasts Off Again. Some boots and a Hikari later, and we're on our way there.
I use my Love and Peace on this unit, primarly because Rauny doesn't have any kind of anti-undead abilities. So we recruit some Phantoms and plow through the Necromancer.

Man, Empress Endora is really into blondes. Also, dude from earlier's name was Figaro. Damn Benadryl- it prevents my crippling sinus headaches, but seriously debrains my brain until the thinky bits dry out.

Okay, first up's The World, because that'll protect us from the Meteor Strikes. The rest is all in pretending Previa is Ben Franklin's kite. After that we do Hanged Man (Enemy DEF down) Star (Our AGI up) and the all-important Emperor for the bonus attack round.

We're too late for Queen Floran- the great Deva, Previa saw to that before we could get up here and throw Valkyries at his profile. But Tristan locates and gives us the Armband.

So next up is the Holy Grail. Three stages to go.

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