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Monday, July 9, 2012

Ogre Battle 81: Grail Hunt

The Holy Grail is here in the Shrine of Kulyn. Or Kuryune in Japanese, I think? It's ballpark.

Not a huge map, but a distressingly watery one. And there's not a lot of shortcuts because you have to talk to a variety of towns to get the Grail after the stage. So it's the usual: take everything, hold everything, get Warren or Saradin to incinerate the boss for me. Oh, and also? Most of the towns on this map are hidden. Keeps getting better, huh?
There's a trick to this, though: way to the north there's a town very, very close to the enemy stronghold. If you take it, all the enemies make a beeline for it. So if I get Canopus to liberate it and then park Saradin there, we can go about our fact-finding mission in relative peace.

This schmuck? He's some person of ill repute who wants to "thank" us for the chaos we've strewn throughout the land- it's been good for his business. If we say yes we get a salable item of great value, but lose a BIG chunk of reputation we can't afford to lose right now.

Canopus is doing a pretty good job of skating on by. This is the only one that caught him so far.

And now Saradin's in place and Canopus is free to go wandering. Let's hope I remember this right...

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