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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Ogre Battle 85: The Only Thing More Boring Than Politics Is Local Politics

They did a combined total of 40 damage to the group before Warren vaporized them. Of those forty damage points, He took two.

His treasure hunt nearly complete, Kamui the Beast Tamer and his Gryphons head for the city of Annapolis, nearest the base, before going for the treasure on the opposite side. Yup, Annapolis- weird. He's having some trouble getting close, though- there's a formidable enemy unit guarding it. Luckily Canopus is on the way. But I can already see that I'd better pull out Saradin AND Rauny- somebody's gotta hold the town whilst she goes to have a heart-to-sword with her pop.

The most galling thing about this stage is that it's a losing proposition- we can either either lose precious Alignment or liberate so few towns that we lose money. We've got more money and money doesn't get you the best ending, so money we shall lose. Still annoying.

Kamui finishes off the first unit that gave him hell, and before he can liberate the town, a SECOND intercepts him. I play Lovers so that they hurt themselves in the confusion, and Kamui liberates Annapolis! And out come Rauny and Saradin.

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