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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Ogre Battle 88: Plurality

Shop town GET! It has the all-important Joker Tarot, so I should be able to get World cards if I don't get any through liberation.

 Gareses... Gareses? Yeah. Gareses aren't Endora's only fighting force, as she's got some nasty-looking units headed our way, one with three Doll Master/Enchanters, and one with Goetics and Ghosts. Could be trouble depending on who they tackle. I may have left holy weapons on Warren's Cerberii... Cerberii? Yeah. Cerberii. I sure hope so.

One of the Cerberii does indeed have a holy weapon, and Warren wipes the Phantom/Goetic unit. Norn and the Sky Knights- still an awesome band name, with apologies to Dave Barry -fend off a Gares, but take a frightening amount of damage doing so. This is going to be tricky, as I feared.

Canopus finds the Temple. That'll simplify things a little. While he liberates it Warren fights a Freija with a Cockatrice and, like that guy who keeps sniping you in Call of Duty, wins despite being stoned at the time.

It's the original Gares! Silly Gares, it's the copies that are supposed to degrade, not the original. Rashidi's got it all backwards! But this stops the flow of clones, or at least slows it, so we'll be good to approach the Empress' palace once we've set everything else up. We still need the World card and, as is typical of Ogre Battle, there are more towns to hold than the deploy limit will allow us to guard. So we're going to have to be mindful of traffic flow and leave a few minor holes in our defense...

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