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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Ogre Battle 90: Creative Translation Required

I end up having to swap Kamui and Tristan too. They're coming at us from all angles. Tristan is very strong for his level, but that's 8 levels below the Enchanters. I play Lovers so that they drop most of their Acid Clouds on each other, and I think it's the only reason everybody survived. My strategy for placement is this: anyone trying to get to the town in the middle will have to pass Canopus, Saradin or Rauny. I can then move them to compensate. Meanwhile Debonair is free to march to the capital, with his Alignment and Charisma withered by the constant combat as we go, because this is Ogre Battle and that's what happens. I swap Tristan and Kamui AGAIN because now they're coming in from the north. Glad I've got a ton of Seven League Boots. But Tristan comes through this fight okay without card expenditure.

And with all of my most expensive units on the board, payday really fucking hurts.

And after FLAIL himself repels a small horde of Black Knights, Debonair confronts his former Empress. He says Rashidi and Gares have manipulated her, she says Silence! Or something Empress-like along those lines, and it naturally comes to blows. Probably not the way Debonair's used to with Endora either.

Never pictured Morrigan from Darkstalkers as much of a world leader. But we play the World first because she's got a huge pile of group magic attacks. I accidentally finish this one by card too, but I don't much care. We win, and that's what matters.

Zeteginea is ours!

And one task remains: Rashidi, who's going off to summon an Ogre to stomp our faces in the Shalina Temple. (Or Sharia, as it seems to say here. Rushdie retreating to Sharia to... oh boy do I see why they changed some spellings here...

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