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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Black Matrix Zero Part 10: No Pinch-Hitting This Time

Cain runs after Matia, and Exal and Lilith talk about... stuff? Things. One of those.

With Syria chasing after him, Cain has found Veil. Veil says Syria's name... he knows her? I bet they're related. They're both orangey blonde, and have wings sprouting out of their damn shoulder blades.

"Onii-sama...!" CALLED IT.
Fifteen dozen paragraphs about Incest, Echelon and Megiddo later, they look like they're hashing things out. Then Matia screams and Cain freaks out, understandably.

Here's the guy in the stupid hat in closeup! And it's battle time. Just Cain and Syria. Uh oh.

Weird level spread for this one: mooks are 3, next mooks up are 8, then 12, then Veil is 15. But we're gonna kill the hell out of him. Sorry about that, Syria.

That spell isn't as bad as it looks: 1 damage to Syria, 11 damage to Cain. The area of effect is tremendous, however. Veil is a pretty good boss (as in employer)- he spends all his BP reviving his last flunky continuously. Then he tries to kill his own sister, and we beat the crap out of him. He was apparently a load-bearing boss, because the room starts shaking.

Luca wants to stay and find Cain, but Zion stops her. What, she finally shows interest in doing something that isn't serial killer-related, and now you hold her back?

And I think Cain just killed Veil. Aw, and Luca missed it. ...okay no, he's just beating him savagely and demanding to know where Matia is. I support this decision. Veil tells Caldia and Syria to run, but instead I think Caldia stabs Cain. Man, if I get my way I'm gonna be spending a hell of a lot of time murdering the immediate families of my allies!

Meanwhile, Stei and Exal are dodging explosions and talking about Incest. Stei's looking for Kirota, who is her brother...

...and, as predicted, is Anime Harry Potter. Lilith knows him too, and if I'm not mistaken gets hurt protecting him from an explosion. The Moe Zoning Board would like to inform you that this officially means they are a couple. Yohane mentions Mephisto, who we haven't seen since the beginning of the game! Then our Mandalorian friend shows back up...

The party as it stands now. Kirota's Level 8, so we'll have to be very careful.

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