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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Black Matrix Zero Part 11: How Come We Never Get To Kill Who I Want To Kill?

Two Mandos, matter of fact. Turns out "Pasca" isn't a name but a class or type or something, because they're both labeled that way.

...wait, I just noticed. Syria's with the group, but no Cain. Did Veil and Caldia kidnap him or something? Either way, we hack our way through the group and get everybody up to Level 12 except Kirota. It seems as though you can only gain three levels after a given fight. Then why did you give me somebody 4 levels down!? He did pretty well, though!

Luca and Zion discover the mark of the... bugs? And also Batman? The lights go out in the room, and we're back out at the world map.

Yohane and Valtos seem to be communicating via telepathy. Then Valtos, Beetle Bailey and the Trap Card Family are conferring about the plot. Or possibly deciding what they want on their pizza. Caldia is there too, and thanks Beetle for his help.

Beetle starts monologuing to himself in a sinister manner. I'm gonna have to kill all these assholes, aren't I?

Yup, sure are. Aragi's talking with the Mando Insecticons. My Murder List is growing! Elsewhere, Luca, Stei and company are in a cave. I assume we're visiting Batman and asking why he's drawing bugs on things.

New town! The Batcave is called "Carbine," I think, or maybe Kalbin. Eh. Blond dude's intriguing in that he reminds me of Final Fantasy Tactics. Specifically Wiegraf/Wiglaf, so I may have to kill him just on principle. I go broke on just weapons again- I may have to grind until I can buy some stuff.

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