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Monday, October 22, 2012

Black Matrix Zero Part 13: Those Annoying Fights You're Supposed To Lose

Luca's still pissed (and winded) after beating the crap out of the local gangs or militia or whatever the hell. And she seems to start into the murdering again, which Zion isn't at all happy about.

Then Stei meets this walking pile of carpet and belts. Luca's dad says something that upsets her - what are parents for? - and then more things and stuff. There's some connection between Luca and the Crusade and OF COURSE INCEST COMES UP.
Luca runs out and attacks the Crusade who offer exposition, then it's right back to battle.

Battle with just Luca.

Battle with just Luca against five level 15 Geruda and Crusade. Hoo boy. Their lenses turned red, which I assume signifies A Thing. Turns out it's a fight you're supposed to lose, I find out three or four valuable potions later. I kinda hate those kinds of fights for precisely that reason. Then the rest of the party shows up and it's murderin' time. Same battleground, but lots more enemies. We get `em, but in a rare thing for me, we kill the leader to end the stage rather than going for the total rout. We earn a B rank for that, and get the 13s to 14 and the 14s to 15. More talking between Luca, Zion and Team Goggles. One of the higher-ups shows up to make a threat...

...and Exal teaches him why you don't turn your back on people with swords. One interrogation later, one of the other guys bolts, and the one we're keeping brings up Aragi. That guy's going to be a pain in the ass all game, I just know it... After that, Luca's father delivers more exposition about Cain and Lilith. Then a long conversation. Then Realism Brownifier Gogo shows back up and more talky talking talkative TALK.

After that, back in Carbine, which may actually be Karuhin. Eh. I spend the bulk of the money I got on new armor for Luca, who as it turned out had the lowest defense of the entire party. Not anymore. I do one practice battle and get her up to the 15 to match our tanks. Afterwards, Kirota and Exal are talking- I think Kirota's asking permission to date Lilith, but that's just a guess. Then we get the usual bunch of people saying stuff, including Trap Card and his pops. Then we cut to someplace else where Trap Card's mom is telling Exal something exciting. Followed by Beetle Bailey and somebody of indeterminate gender who is wearing a beret and is only seen in the little dialogue windows.

And then... Beetle's hatband changes colors!


Seriously, WHAT.

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