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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Black Matrix Zero Part 16: Raising Cain

Cain is seriously pissed, probably because he was abducted or Caldia helped Veil get away with Matia or whatever the hell happened. Whatever the reasons, and they seem to be good ones, he's caught the murderin' bug from Luca and the goggle guys are toast. The others try to reason with Cain but he pushes or strikes them away, and Valtos steps in to lock swords.

Cain sprouts his wings- now in Vanilla Swirl! -and Valtos loses that clash.
And then somehow he's back to normal and feeling bad about stuff. Okay... And then the goggle guys are kind of mad about being murdered and we're back to the prep menu.

Together again! And Cain's only four to five levels below the party! ...and now I need two people to sit this out. I go with Lilith and Zion, because Lilith is a straight healer where Syria and Luca can both heal and fight.

We've got about a dozen assholes with cool goggles to kill. All level 16. And in a prefight conversation, Cain goes all berserk on us again. Hope his stats behave appropriately.

Not really, but it was a good round! Tons of XP and we got some items besides. Cain can only get to level 15 - Three Level Rule, remember - and only those who participated can be leveled. So that'll be a good use of practice battles: stockpile XP and level the people who sat out story mode this time.

Now Luca's... upset... with Cain... for... all the murdering? CHARACTER GROWTH!

The gang all seem to be telling Cain that he needs to snap out of this funk- nobody likes a gloomy berserker. If nothing else you should be a surly berserker! Like Wolverine! But something they say seems to make Cain black out and hear everybody talking to him in his head. I suspect this'd be a very interesting scene if I could comprehend it. And so far, nobody has mentioned Incest.

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