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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Black Matrix Zero Part 18: It's (Almost) Time For Special Murder

The bug won the fight. Luca's none too happy about that, and then we're back to battle prep. I trade out Syria and Exal for Zion and Valtos so I can try to level everybody to 18- last fight wasn't enough for it.

Second verse, same as the first. We've got some goggle guys and a Mandobug, but otherwise, the same slog we just slogged. In the interest of brevity, I will not blog this slog in detail, lest I bog down the blog with the slog.

It went a little better than last time, though I used even more of my dwindling item supply. Cain and Zion are 19 and the entire rest of the party are now 18. Not bad. Afterwards, Cain is in cooldown mode again, and Luca seems upset about that this time. No pleasing her: too much murder, not enough murder... And now we're in Telomere, where we saw Aragi take Matia three or four fights ago.

Oh good, it's a town! I need to restock on some shit, buy Cain a better sword, see what else I can buy, and maybe even level-grind a touch. Clicking on the party members gives you their thoughts: Luca's pissed at Aragi, Yohane's worried about Matia, etc. In the end I'm able to resupply and get weapon upgrades, but folks need some better armor. That's the next step after I do a bit of grinding. After about four battles I've leveled a couple more people to 19 and got my three characters with the lowest VIT - Cain, Luca and Lilith -some improved armor. Time to move on.

Everybody starts talking about the various things they want to do to Aragi once they catch up to him. I think recipes may be swapped. Carpets says something about Zion that Stei find hilarious. Then Valtos seems to be unnerved by something, and Cain's back in freakout mode. Cut to Aragi giggling about something.

Then we're all here. I don't know who the religious icon in the back is supposed to be, but it could maybe lay off the ab crunches. We seem to be having some lighthearted conversation about who in the group ships who else, and then all of a sudden Stei and Yohane seem to spot Matia. It barely registers with poor Cain, who is still berserked at the moment.

Yup, Matia's here! So's this asshole. Cain sees him, calls Matia's name, and out come the Vanilla Swirl wings. Aragi says something about what I have to presume is some kind of trap he's laid, because we're not attempting to skin him yet. Then the bugs show up and Aragi attacks Valtos.

He is obviously not well.

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