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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Black Matrix Zero Part 19: Stop Live So Much

Valtos tells Yohane something. I suspect to kill him before he turns into a Pasca himself, but that's a random guess.

The maybe-possessed Valtos lunges for Cain, but Yohane finally heeds his wish instead.

Apparently Valtos' blood... cures Cain of Wolverine Disease? No clue. Cain guilt trips, Valtos possibly dies, Aragi celebrates, and it's time, I hope, to fight.

It is. And, yup, no more Valtos. Oh well, he wasn't that great anyway. I'd have taken all his gear off if I'd known, though. We take everyone in but Kirota- the new bow's stronger but has less range, so he's not as useful as he used to be.

And there's the asshole himself, a Level 20 asshole backed by level 19 bugs. Time for squishing!

Once we've punched his skull into his tum-tum, Cain calls to Matia and there is what I have to assume is a touching reunion. As this happens, Luca seems to be torturing Aragi, and if Zion tries to stop her I SWEAR I will wrap a giant rubber band around his wings and push him off Telomere. A long conversation ensues, in which Aragi keeps mentioning the Black Titan. Well, I bet I know what our last boss will be!

Then Aragi dies, and Luca is... upset? Must've died on a cliffhanger. That would be the dick thing to do. Apparently he was a load-bearing boss too, as after he dies we all rush out. Lilith falls down and gets a boo-boo, I think, and everyone seems to be yelling at her. Whether it's out of concern or chastisement, I cannot say.

And now Cain is fading out the way Aragi was? Don't tell me that fucker is alive. Carpets exposits about the Titan, and we're back to battle prep.

Cain is here but Lilith isn't? No idea why. Must have been a hell of a bruise when she fell.

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