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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Black Matrix Zero Part 7: Of Course He's A Friend Of Luca's

Zion identifies the guy as Aragi. He keeps saying something about "Kari." Maybe he's never made it through the Gurgu Volcano in Final Fantasy I? He talks to Luca for a bit- big surprise they know each other, huh? -and then attacks Cain.

Our prize for the last battle was this scroll. No idea what it's for, but it equips like an accessory. I give it to Yohane, since he's a magic-user, and scrolls are mage fodder if there ever was any.

Hah! We get to be at the top of the stairs this time. Now Zoidberg is the popular one! ...actually, Aragi's Level 13, so he's probably more popular than any of us. Good news is that the rest of the stage is equal to us or lower. A few things I learn: Magic has an elevation restriction, which seems kinda on the dumb side to me even though it's common to this kind of game. Also, people with wings aren't as good as jumping off of tall things as you'd think. The wings in this game are disappointingly decorative.

Aragi has a nasty attack that does heavy damage and knocks you back a square. Also, dig the eyes.

We try Yohane's new spell, Bloody Curse, on Aragi. Not sure what it does, but it's doing it!

Tough fight, but we manage. I decide to kick the active party up to Level 9, because we're gonna need the help if we get any more Aragi-level threats. Aragi cackles after we beat the crap out of him, and says a bunch of stuff I don't understand that startles or upsets everyone else to the point of Ellipse Abuse, but amuses Luca. I... don't think I want to know. Then he drops a new buzzword into the conversation: Echelon. Which, like everything else in this game, relates in some way to freakin' Incest!

Then we reach a choice in the conversation and I accidentally take choice A even before I can read them. Oops. Probably would've taken the first one anyway, though. Then somebody says something startling to Cain about Matia, and he screams.

Cut to Matia, who has somehow heard Cain's cries and is upset. Trying to figure out if the other woman's a maid or a drill sergeant. It's one of those. Veil shows up, Matia has an inner monologue, and then more talk between Veil and Sgt. Maid about Incest. New Buzzword alert: Megiddo. Sorry, Random Biblical Names Generator, but Phantasy Star beat you to that one by a decade.

Menu time again. I look at the party, but... where's Cain?

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