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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Black Matrix Zero Part 8: Was That... Permadeath?

And now we're in a town called Water. That blue dude in the middle of the room? That's our old buddy Trap Card! Then we run a practice battle so we can spend our remaining XP on the rest of the team. Which turns into three battles so we're all level 9 and most of us have better weapons. Then we move on.

Back in Cipher Punk, we get a conversation between Trap Card, whose name may possibly be Shin, and Beetle Bailey, as well as Sgt. Maid and the woman in the shawl from I think day 2 or 3. Steien is mentioned...

...then Sgt. Maid puts the moves on Beetle. Her name may or may not be Caldia. Then we get Stei talking to Valtos. I am very confused.

Apparently Beetle had a message from Caldia for Steien. I hope that's all Beetle had for Steien. Then Exal has to make excuses to Valtos as Stei leaves to see what's up. Next we get a dark scene of Luca and Trap Card Shin's friend (the big guy with the mustache) talking, followed by Luca and Zion talking. Whatever it is, it upset Luca, so he probably stopped her from killing that guy, Or lectured her after the fact. Either way, she left.

Hey, Cain's back! No idea where he was or what was up. But he's back! Yohane seems to say Cain was out for six days, and he's clearly still feeling woozy. Syria comes in and is surprised by something. Lilith comes in asking where Stei is, and if I read it right she's Stei's little sister. Okay, sure.

Then I get this choice, which seems to be between going after Luca or Stei. I'm going after Stei- Luca's caused enough trouble for now, and Stei's great with that spear.

Yup, this is Caldia, and Stei addresses her as Nee-chan, which means she's her sister or someone as close to her as a sister. ...no, wait. Caldia may be someone else, and this is Kirota.

Whoever she is, she sells out Stei to the Mandalorian, and bolts. Jerk.

It attacks Stei in some way, and then Cain Tuxedo Masks in to save her. Cue the menus! And, yup, we're short Zion and Luca. Fuck `em. Luckily they (and Cain) were the only ones I hadn't bought new weapons for!

Level range is 9-12, so my instincts were good in stopping to level the party. The Mando- whose name is Pasca - is a 12, as are the two angels in funny hats. Much to my surprise, Pasca goes down on the first turn we attack him. ...then one of the level 9 mooks comes up and damn near kills Cain. Then next turn Yohane does go down, and gets hit again before I can get to him. Is he gone forever...?

The angels have some nasty spells. It takes some sticking together, but we win the fight.

Well, he looks okay to me. Then we all elect to go after Luca and Zion together, I think.

After which we cut to Trap Card Shin's associates. Maybe his parents? Who the hell knows?

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