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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Black Matrix Zero, Part 20: The Abrupt Conclusion

Well, there's our Titan. Let's kill it to death.

Hey, is that Cain embedded in the wall there? Wiggy.
We make a full-speed beeline for him, killing anything that crosses our path. As the stage starts Aragi says something to Luca- I think he's been absorbed into the Titan.

As we kill bugs, Cain calls for Matia and then is freed! Time to go stop the beating of that hideous heart. (Hope everybody had a Happy Halloween!)

That thing has some vicious magic. Three of us went down, but I managed to heal them a bit. Zion did ultimately get taken out, but we managed to kill the bastard. Finally.

Speaking of Finally, the siblings are reunited!

And... the end?

After the credits roll, Caldia talks to Veil about something. I think she likes him. Everyone else is back at Cipher Punk talking about something or other.

And then they find a letter from Caldia. Whatever it is, she's very sorry. Off in Carbine/Karuhin/Whatevs, Luca seems to be tending to Lilith's wounds. Cain and Luca talk and I think she finally tells him she likes him. Or something. In one of the other cities, Matia talks with all of Cain's new friends...

...and Cain takes her flying.

The End, For Reals.

Hmm. A shorter game than I expected, but a decent one. I wonder if I should go back and try the angel option at the beginning and see how much things change?

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