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Monday, April 10, 2017

Fun With Hong Kong Bootlegs: Ah! My Goddess (AKA Oh My Goddess!) Part 6

Okay, let's do this thing! Onto the final third of the first season.

That's been there in the opening the whole time, but for posterity...
That makes me feel paranoid, not romantic.

Enter Sora Hasegawa, who's barely been featured up to now.

She's scared of competing, apparently. So Keiichi, AKA Senior The Genius, reassures her that with just icky girls racing it won't be, like, a serious competition or anything! Then Tamiya and Ootaki put her on a bike that's out of control and too damn fast.

Belldandy's spells lose something in this translation, yes?

But let's look at the particulars of the practice raceway Skuld has built while Overwhelmed By The Joy Of Production:

Hasegawa is, for some reason, no less nervous.
Party Alchemist Urd (and you can read that in an RPG way or the other way) has a potion for this, of course.

It backfires.
Sora's having flashbacks to failing to learn to cook.
Which is someone I'd want to know in case I ever needed to dispose of a serial killer's body.

Belldandy is imparting a valuable life lesson...
About learning how to talk to motor vehicles.

Accidentally got one sans-caption, but it works, doesn't it?
Not really, but Urd can surely make Alka Seltzer without threatening the fabric of the universe? (...okay, maybe not...)
Yeah, been there.
"Because my little sister is a psychotic cockblocker with a smock full of bombs! It really helps."

And Hasegawa agrees to enter the race, whose results we never see. Because her coming in dead last or whatever would ruin our valuable life lesson about talking to cars.

So until next time...

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