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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Fun With Hong Kong Bootlegs: Ah! My Goddess (AKA Oh My Goddess!) Part 7

Let's go!

 Beach episode incoming! Yet another clash between Urd's JFA attitude and Skuld's obnoxious levels of Skuld.
 The eternal question.

 The answer to the eternal question.
 And the result. How's he gonna get down if he can't even holding hands?

 Theme developing.
 Totally, dude.

 Lot of euphemisms for getting down in this one.

 Euphemisms all around, as "The Misery" is clearly Skuld.
 All creation gets laid more than Keiichi.

 Skuld is Skulding pretty hard today.
 I don't think he conquered Skuld.
 Chicken shit.

 She means "Cockatrice."
 Yeah, that'll work.
...we still doing euphemisms?

 Uh. Skuld's fucking around with Urd's chemistry set.
 But it wins some too!
 How terrible!
 You are the antagonistic.
 Again, "active" is presented constantly as a negative trait.
 "Shh! You want to get sued?"
 Fu... sion... Ha!
 Maybe just use the Potara instead?
 No, no it is not. Enough of this "indirect kiss" nonsense. Enough I say!
 We noticed.
 You Goddamned idiot.

But he tells her that he likes her the way she normally is, not so "active," just as the Antagonistic takes effect or the potion wears off or whatever.

 Didn't do Belldandy any good, that's for sure.
 "Don't show me the crabs" is the highlight of this experience for me.
 Oh, that's what Keiichi's damage is! He thinks that's intimacy! I'd be afraid of that too.
Judgmental fuck though, isn't he?
 This is either romantic or uncomfortably dysfunctional.
 Okay that didn't work.

 It's the so-called "Getting Sick"!
 This sounds like a line from an `80s power ballad.
Freudian translation. But they fix Keiichi and stuff and so on.

Hitting the home stretch now! Continued!

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