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Thursday, April 13, 2017

Fun With Hong Kong Bootlegs: Ah! My Goddess (AKA Oh My Goddess!) Part 9

Almost done. Let's see what's up with our goddess friends!

 I mean, understanding is one thing, but how groovy is the battle plan for you?
That's Lind or Rind in most translations. I guess Rindr is a Valkyrie-dating app on Yggdrasil.
Okay, sure.

The HK Subs way of saying "you just think about what you've done, missy!"
 Yeah, the end of the world would just be a bummer. I don't dig this plan at all.
 I love that name. It's not a program that destroys everything, it just does something destructive... eventually.
 Unless we have a Brain Problem Situation on our hands.
 Always read the manual.
 I don't know if this is accurate or not, but it'd make a great metaphor.

 Heaven is a really groovy place, seems like. Battle plans you can dig, and pure, pure tunes from Level-1 Goddesses.
 And now it's Dragonball!

 All the things they've gotten wrong, and Fenrir comes out right.
 Well, I'm glad her forehead mark will walk again.
 And Midgard they get right!

 Belldandy has just said "Let's all go home together," and Keiichi has responded with "Un," which is more or less the Japanese equivalent of "Uh-huh."
 Please hold until your nightmare is finished processing.

Last episode tomorrow to round out the week!

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