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Friday, April 14, 2017

Fun With Hong Kong Bootlegs: Ah! My Goddess (AKA Oh My Goddess!) Part 10 - END

Last round! Let's go!

 You are in the wrong show, Ball of Snakes.
 Biology 101, courtesy of the Ultimately Destructive Program.

 Heavy, man.

 Quick, dissolve to scene 5!

 Fenrir and Midgard yes, but Valkyrie no? Okay.
 Have you spoken with Tony Stark?
 This can be translated as "Ten-dimensional Axe" or, properly, "Ten Dimensional Scythe." No oxen were harmed in the making of this divine cutting device.
 Hope the belt in that Famicom Disk System is still working.

 Overwhelmed By The Joys Of Production, you mean?

 T/L Notes from a T/L who is not speaking in their native language.

 Beats me, dude. I don't pick your clothes. Oh wait, devils did.

 And everything comes out okay. Subs-wise we end with a fizzle, but it's a pretty nice ending.

And they all lived happily ever after.

Is there more coming? Not of Ah My Goddess, unless I find more HK DVDs of it. But let's see what else I can dig up...

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