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Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Fun With Hong Kong Bootlegs: Ah! My Goddess (AKA Oh My Goddess!) Part 3

Okay, here's Part 3 of the series. Time for Skuld. I'm sorry.

 Horse of Odin the All-Father, or Insecticon? You decide!
 But they get Yggdrasil translated as "World Tree" at least. And here's what it does.
 Sculdy (Where's Moldor?) is crying her eyes out at the moment.
 Sometimes simple typos are the best.
 They mean heart. Though dealing with Skuld for any appreciable amount of time would make my mind pretty damn unstable, thank you.
 You get the gist, right? The correctness of idea is here, but accurate most of the word are not.
 Okay, I wouldn't accept that from Urd, but: yeah, Skuld. I think that's about right.
 LIAR! Giant robots are always useful!
 Again, the words are not quite there.
 That's not very polite, is it?

This just works on some level.

And that's just perfect.
All of the job.

They said "Rocket Punch". Trust me on this.
He says "drum can," and Gas Bails is probably the most roundabout way of translating "oil drum" I can imagine.
The most low-key translation of "Banzai!" ever.
Accurately inaccurate translation.
Inaccurately accurate translation, considering Urd is speaking.
Skuld lost, so she blew up the robots. And then, thanks to Belldandy's loving trust in her she learned a valuable lesson about teamwork and friendship. j/k she used a super joy buzzer on Megumi and ran off like the little asshole she is.

More soonish!

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