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Friday, April 7, 2017

Fun With Hong Kong Bootlegs: Ah! My Goddess (AKA Oh My Goddess!) Part 5

Yup, still going! Savor the content. Bask in it. Rob's productive streak can only last so long.

 "Fukkatsu!" Resurrection.
 Let's see how she does with that!
 Yeah, as expected.
 News to me, MegumiAki.
Most of what Mahler/Marller/Mara says comes out sounding homoerotic. I think Aki is more upset about the prospect of being assaulted than the idea that Mahler is gay, but that's neither here nor there.
 Yeah, sounds it.
 Senbei the genie's catch phrase - besides buckets of broken English - is "Shakkin!" Which I don't think means anything, but is translated generally as "In debt!" here.
 I'm not sure why his name expanded.
 That is, "The Law of Conservation of Happiness," meaning there is a finite amount of happiness in the world and Keiichi is bogarting it, hard. And Senbeiei can't be happy unless happy people are miserable.

Maybe he's just an asshole, though.
 Sounds more like a Rumiko Takahashi protag to me.
 That's Sayoko saying that, as Keiichi just went into debt and fell on her suggestively. What I don't get good shots of here, though, is what happens when Belldandy gets jealous...
 ...that being that the environment around her goes nuts. In this scene she just causes freak thunderstorms.
 You ever been so horny you bend the laws of physics?
 This is after an incest joke and not the series' first one either. Apparently society outside of anime isn't fond of those in Japan either.
 But there were in fact bugs, because such is Keiichi's luck that accidents that justify his debt-groping keep happening. But note the puddles.
 "Disappointment" seems a bit mild. "Remember the time you broke Belldandy's heart?" "Yeah. That was kind of a downer, huh?"

 He has just debted his way into a room where fellow motor club member Sora Hasegawa was changing clothes. At which point Belldandy's jealousy-ki was crushing the freaking lockers.
 His secret ultimate debt attack!
 MegumiAki's house spirit, trapped in this teddy bear, has figured out Mara Marller Mahler has possessed Aki. And then things get fixed.
 Because a strange teddy bear told you.

Next: disc 3, the final leg of the first season! See you on Monday, most likely!

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