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Friday, April 7, 2017

Fun With Hong Kong Bootlegs: Ah! My Goddess (AKA Oh My Goddess!) Part 5

Yup, still going! Savor the content. Bask in it. Rob's productive streak can only last so long.

Monday, April 3, 2017

Fun With Hong Kong Bootlegs: Ah! My Goddess (AKA Oh My Goddess!) Part 1

So it's been forever, huh? I think it's well past time I actually update stuff here again. I haven't played any new games in Japanese lately (though check out my YouTube as always for Gundam Battle Operation and Isstvan's for a bunch of Minecraft) ...but I have still been on the prowl for Hong Kong DVDs with great subtitles. I managed to score 2/3rds of Ah! My Goddess season one, perhaps better known under the Dark Horse Comics title of Oh My Goddess! It's a lovely little romance-comedy by way of supernatural sitcom. Standard anime stuff, except the leads are just so darn nice.

The premise: shy, lonely automotive nerd but genuinely nice person Keiichi Morisato tried to dial for takeout food one day and instead got the Goddess Relief Office, where the First-Class Goddess Belldandy answered his call and granted his wish. That wish was "I want a goddess like you to stay with me forever."

In the first volume (which is absent but we'll visit in a clip episode at some point), Keiichi and Belldandy have fumbled towards a romantic relationship at a slow pace but one they're both comfortable with. This has been thwarted to various degrees by interactions with Keiichi's sister Megumi (called "Aki" in the subs because huh?), the members of Keiichi's college club, the Nekomi Tech Motor Club, and Belldandy's sister Urd, whose JFA attitude really isn't helping things much.

We now join Ah My Goddess, already in progress.