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Sunday, April 1, 2018

The Joke Is That I Remembered To Update

This is not an April Fool's joke! (And remember: anyone who makes an April Fool's joke after declaring "this is not an April Fool's joke" loses all their points. Except for the ones you might wish to drive into them, because April Fool's jokes tend to be annoying after a while.)

Good things are happening in the world of Gundam gaming. First up, Gundam Battle Operation has a direct sequel due out this year! Gundam Battle Operation 2 is currently only scheduled for release in Asia, but it not for nothing that I have a Japanese PSN account. The open beta is on, uh, 4/20 (again, swearing this is not a joke) and 4/21 at 6-9AM US Eastern Time. Go here and add it to your cart to reserve the download (signed into your JP-PSN) if you want to try it!

So if that's what Japan gets, what does North America get? In terms of GBO2... we don't know. Probably nothing again! But we do get New Gundam Breaker, on PS4 and Steam, on June 22nd.

Which brings me to my last announcement! I've had a lot of fun covering the Gundam Breaker series, but I'm never able to get them at the time of release due to financial commitments. So this seemed like the best possible time to launch my Patreon so as to hopefully get a jump on the first US release for the series. The first order of business for this will be to fund a copy of New Breaker to play. Thanks to everybody who has already pledged!

So, that's the current state of Flailthroughs, except to add that Mobile Suit Gundam Side Stories continues on YouTube along with the occasional round of Monster Hunter World and whatever Gundam Battle Operation Classic rounds I still have stocked. Thanks, everybody!

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