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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Gundam Battle Operation (PS3): Mass Production Guncannon vs. Gelgoog Cannon!

That Gelgoog Cannon is DYNAMITE. Sadly the Zaku Cannon Rabbit Type is not dynamite. Monty Python reference DEFEATED

ExVee's Minecraft! Horrible People In The Highlands 1x04: "Slightly Depressed Mountain"

"Unfortunate Euphemism Mountain."

Minecraft with Dicks, Side ExVee! 1x11: "...OOPS. Well, I'm Going To Jail Now!"

"Uh-oh, I accidentally picked up something off of your desk because it was right in front of your face while I was trying to talk to you. I guess I'm going to prison now." -Isstvan82 on Elder Scrolls: Oblivion

Minecraft with Dicks! Part 23: Time To Explore!

"I'm having a good day- ow."

1.5 Minecraft Map Mod Mayhem! Part 9: Drunken Minecraft (Part 1)

"If you're going to drink in general, make sure it's good and not some cheap shit. This is important."

Friday, April 12, 2013

ExVee In The Highlands! 1x03: "ExVee's Taking The Death House"

"It was a rhetorical question!" "Does that mean delicious?" "I will kill you."

Minecraft with Dicks, Side ExVee! 1x10: "Let Me Sword You In The Face"

"I'mma' eat this potato while I climb."

Horrible People's Highland Adventure! Part 3: Village Prettification

"That's kinda creepy... this zombie is carrying a piece of zombie meat." "The zombie knows good eating, is what that is."

Minecraft with Dicks Part 22: The Secret Mod!

"I am way up a Goddamn tree."

Gundam Battle Operation EXTRA! Support Only Round in a GM Cannon!

The first half, I don't do so well. But in the second half I start actually thinking, which as it usually does makes quite a difference! Benadryl prevents crippling headaches for me, but also kinda stops my brain.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

ExVee's Minecraft! Highlands 1x02 "Sheep Shank" and Dicks 1x09 "I'm The Diamond Miser"

"Console him on his ideas where if I suggest anything you're a dick to me." "...yeah?" "Mistakes happen when you're wandering around with a diamond pick. Well, when I'm wandering around with a diamond pick."

Horrible People Highland Adventure! Part 2: Arboreal Cow Bombardment

"I don't actually burn things, I just cook them... wrong, somehow. Horribly."

Minecraft with Dicks! Part 21: The Secret To Cooking Is Being Stupid

"When I try and cook the way I think you're supposed to cook, I underspice, undercook... I cook like a complete coward."

Another Century's Episode R! Part 8: ...The Hell Is Going On!?

Today's episode features a character known as the Earl of Pudding. That is the best.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Minecraft with Dicks, Side ExVee! 1x07: "The Tree Fell On The House"

"Oh man, we've descended to talking about the weather. This is the worst."

Minecraft with Dicks! Part 19: Woo! Safety...ish!

"I'm felling trees. I'm a-fellin'." It's easy to become a felon in Minecraft. And also any Elder Scrolls game."

Another Century's Episode R Part 6: Look At All The Robots I Don't Care About!

"There's Sven. Goddammit Sven, you're useless. There's Angry Girl, she's still angry. Sven seems pleased, maybe even a little smug..."

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Gundam Battle Operation (PS3): Grumpy Rob Fill-In 100th Special!

I did much better in this game than the one it replaced. No way in hell I'd post that for my 100th GBO gameplay video!

Minecraft with Dicks, Side ExVee! 1x05: "Gas Bubble"

"I just made stone picks because I don't feel like I should be trusted with anything valuable again."

Minecraft with Dicks! Part 17: Enchantment!

The Enchantment Guy was Isstvan and Angel's favorite part of Dragon Age.

Minecraft with Dicks, Side ExVee! 1x04: "Set it On Fire... For Safety"

Curse my porous memory, I forgot to link this yesterday.

1.5 Minecraft Map Mod Mayhem! Part 8: Needless Risk

(The "Cave Nearby" music cue plays) "Yes, there is a large, empty area under this mountain; it is called 'The Area I Built.' Thank you for noticing."

Review A Great Game Day: Mega Man X (1993, SNES)

The following is part of Review A Great Game Day, organized and hosted by 1MoreCastle!

When the question of best Mega Man game comes up, it usually comes down to a barfight between fans of Mega Man 2 and Mega Man 3. Personally I find MM3 a little bit too complicated to be perfect as compared to MM2, but 2's still not the best. I'm not sure if this a controversial statement, or possibly a semi-controversial statement- that's not the goal, but if so, meh -but Mega Man X is the best Mega Man sidescroller.