We don't always like being nonplussed

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Borderlands 2 for Saturday, 7/6!

Part 87: To Hell With Nature!

Minecraft for Saturday, 7/6!

Horrible People Play!

AngeliqueDaemon's Part 6, Something Funny Likely Happened

Isstvan82's Part 6, Warp Mod, Less Cheaty!

Adventure Rob's 1x06, Pick-Exploding Glitches

Minecraft with Dicks!

Isstvan82's Part 25, The Dicks Return!

ExVee's 2x21, "I Gave It Serious Consideration"

Friday, July 5, 2013

Minecraft for Friday, 7/5!

Isstvan82's Let's Survivaling! Part 12: Me And Carl Against The World

ExVee vs. Highlands 2.0! 2x15, "Blaze of Un-Glory"

Horrible People Highlands Adventures!

ExVee's 2x05 "So, About That Fanfic..."

AngeliqueDaemon's Part 5: Shootin' Blind Here

Isstvan82's Part 5, We're Having Some Problems

Adventure Rob's 1x05, Exciting Housework!

Borderlands 2 for Friday, 7/5!

Part 86: Sad Ending... But Then AMAZING!

Alan Wake for Friday, 7/5!

Part 29: Shooting THAT Won't Help

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Minecraft for Thursday, 7/4!

Isstvan82's Let's Survivaling! Part 11: More Challenging!

ExVee vs. Highlands 2.0! 2x14, "Night In The City"

Horrible People Highlands Adventures!

ExVee's 2x04, "Raid Stealer"

AngeliqueDaemon's Part 4: So I Have NO Idea What To Name My Videos

Isstvan82's Part 4: Glitchy

Adventure Rob's 1x04, "Why Does This Look So Detroit?"

Another Century's Episode R for Thursday, 7/4!

Code Geass, Part 4: I Hate EVERYONE FOREVER!

Borderlands 2 for Thursday, 7/4!

Part 85: Why Are The Hot Ones Always Evil?

Alan Wake for Thursday, 7/4!

Part 28: I Miss My Weapons

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Minecraft for Wednesday, 7/3!

Isstvan82's Let's Survivaling! Part 10: Like Some Ancient Ruins... With Houses...

ExVee vs. Highlands 2.0! Part 2x13, "Is That A Thing?"

Horrible People Highlands Adventures!

Isstvan's Part 3: I LOVE Extended Workbench

AngeliqueDaemon's Part 3: I Can't Rewatch My Videos Before Posting

ExVee's 2x03, "Zombie Hut- Makin' It Great!"

Adventure Rob's 1x03, Tales of Heinrad!

Another Century's Episode for Wednesday, 7/3!

Code Geass Route Part 3: I Hate ALL These People

Alan Wake for Wednesday, 7/3!

Part 27: A-maze-ing!

Borderlands 2 for Wednesday, 7/3!

Part 84: Good, Wizardy Noises

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Borderlands 2 for Tuesday, 7/2!

Part 83: Lost Again

Minecraft for Tuesday, 7/2!

Isstvan82's Let's Survivaling! Part 9: Sand In My Everything

ExVee vs. Highlands 2.0, Episode 2x12, "Can I Sleep Yet?"

Horrible People Highlands 2.0! Adventure Rob's 1x02, Zoidberg Is Scott Bakula

Isstvan82's Part 2: Exploring!

ExVee's 2x02, "Friendshit!"

AngeliqueDaemon (Happy Birthday!) Part 2: Curse You Sony Vegas!

Another Century's Episode R for Tuesday, 7/2!

Code Geass Route, Part 2: I Still Hate ExVee!

Alan Wake catchup for Tuesday, 7/2!

Part 25: I LOVE These Guys!

Part 26: Thermos Lust

Monday, July 1, 2013

Minecraft: Horrible People Highlands for Monday, 7/1

Isstvan82's Part 1: We Will NEVER Get The Audio Right

AngeliqueDaemon's Part 1: Bugalicious!

ExVee's Part 2x01: "Helpful Retribution"

And Introducing Adventure Rob's Minecraft Part 1: Plant Puns & Rubbing Alcohol

Minecraft Miscellany for Monday, 7/1!

Let's Survivaling! Part 8: Professional

ExVee vs. Highlands 2.0 Episode 2x11, "Next Previous Shelter"

Another Century's Episode R for Monday, 7/1!

Code Geass Route Part 1: I Hate ExVee


Borderlands 2 for Monday, 7/1!

Part 82: My Buddy

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Borderlands 2 for Sunday, 6/30!

Part 80: 1 Hour Later...

Part 81: Distrusting Jerk

Minecraft for Sunday, 6/30!

Isstvan82's Let's Survivaling! Part 7: Resource Gathering, Then We Escape!

ExVee's Minecraft With Dicks 2x20, "I Think It's Broken"