We don't always like being nonplussed

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Rogue Legacy for Saturday, 7/13!

1x02: Back Through Spikytown

Sniper Elite V2 for Saturday, 7/13!

Part 6: Kind Of Tough

Alan Wake for Saturday, 7/13!

Part 35: A Crypt! That Should Be Safe!

Horrible People Play Borderlands 2 for Saturday, 7/13!

Isstvan82's Part 6: She Was Actually At The Boss Battle

AngeliqueDaemon's Part 6: EVERYONE Is A Terrible Driver!

Rob's 1x06, Three Seconds Out Of Sync (Captain Flynt)

Minecraft for Saturday, 7/13!

Minecraft With Dicks!

Isstvan82's Part 27, Find Out What It Means To Me!

ExVee's 2x23, "Fast Track To The Bottom"

Isstvan's Let's Survivaling! Part 18: Getting Ranty

Horrible People Highlands Adventures! AngeliqueDaemon's Part 13: Crash-tastic!

Adventure Rob's 1x13, Cornbread Is Important

Friday, July 12, 2013

Horrible People Play Borderlands 2 for Friday, 7/12!

Isstvan's Part 5: Kriegs Say The Darnedest Things!

AngeliqueDaemon's Episode 5: Deathtrap Is Best Pokemon

Rob's 1x05, Boom Bewm & Butt Stallion (Best Minion Ever 2)

Minecraft for Friday, 7/12!

Isstvan82's Let's Survivaling! Part 17: It's The Carl-Scouter

ExVee Vs. Highlands 2.0! 2x20, "I Was Wondering Where The Golems Went."

Horrible People Highlands Adventures!

Isstvan's Part 12: All Of The Crashing

AngeliqueDaemon's Episode 12, I Need To Adjust My Settings...

ExVee's 2x10, "An Amazing Night Of Killing Things"

Rob's 1x12, Server-Slaying Ghost Snow

Sniper Elite V2 for Friday, 7/12!

Part 5!

Alan Wake for Friday, 7/12!

Part 34: Let's Just Leave The Helicopter Key Out In The Open, No One Would Steal It!

Rogue Legacy for Friday, 7/12!

New Series! This is my (Rob's) first series that isn't Gundam Battle Operation! It's much more my usualy style of game, a Metroidvania side-scroller with randomly-generated castles and characters!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Another Century's Episode R for Thursday, 7/11!

Code Geass Part 8: I Hate This Bitch

Sniper Elite V2 for Thursday, 7/11!

Part 4: I've Never Trusted Potted Plants...

Alan Wake for Thursday, 7/11!


Borderlands 2 for Thursday, 7/11!

Rob's Part 4: Stunted Growth-Meats (Best Minion Ever 1)

AngeliqueDaemon's Episode 4: Claptrap Is NOT Optimus Prime!

Isstvan's Part 4: That Was Brutal

Minecraft for Thursday, 7/11!

Horrible People Highlands Adventures!

AngeliqueDaemon's Part 11: I Get Turned Around A Lot

ExVee's 2x09, "My Prison Home"

Adventure Rob's 1x11, Exploding Food

Isstvan82's Part 11, It's Pretty Here!

Isstvan's Let's Survivaling! Part 16: OMG! Carl Is ADORABLE!

ExVee vs. Highlands 2.0! 2x19, "A Trip Wherever"

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Another Century's Episode R for Wednesday, 7/10!

Code Geass Route Part 7: My Least Favorite Battles, All In One Stage!

Sniper Elite V2 for Wednesday, 7/10!

Part 3: I Just Keep Getting Worse And Worse...

Alan Wake for Wednesday, 7/20!

Part 32: Wait, Does That Make Me A Little Sister?

Horrible People Play Borderlands 2 for Wednesday, 7/10!

Rob's 1x03: The Road To Midge-Mong (Symbiosis)

Isstvan82's Part 3: Where Did Angel Go?

AngeliqueDaemon's Episode 03: Aaaaaand Then I Wander Off:

Minecraft for Wednesday, 7/10!

Horrible People Play!

Rob's 1x10: A Pig Runs Through It

Isstvan82's Part 10, Panty Sandwich!

ExVee's Part 8, "Henceforth I Shall Be Known As..."

AngeliqueDaemon's Part 10: EXCITEMENT!

Isstvan's Let's Survivaling! Part 15: A Good Place To Call Home

ExVee vs. Highlands 2.0! 2x18, "Citysearch"

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Sniper Elite V2 for Tuesday, 7/9!

Part 2, The Sniper Motto: 37.8 Shots, 1 Kill.

Alan Wake for Tuesday, 7/9!

Part 31: I Love This Place

Another Century's Episode R Catchup for Monday 7/8 and Tuesday 7/9!

Code Geass Route Part 5: And The Stage Where We Attack An Ally

Part 6: OK, Let's Do This!

Horrible People Play Borderlands 2 for Tuesday, 7/9!

Isstvan82's Part 2: I Am The BRUTAL ...Sniper

AngeliqueDaemon's Part 2: Side Questering

Rob's 1x02, We Are All Pretty (Shielded Favors)

Minecraft for Tuesday, 7/9!

Horrible People Highlands Adventures!

Adventure Rob 1x09: No Crafting Tables!?

AngeliqueDaemon's Part 9: Let's Organizing!

ExVee's 2x07, "Catch-Up Episode"

Isstvan82's Part 9: This Question Is VITAL

Isstvan82's Let's Survivaling! Part 14: Still Looking For Home

ExVee vs. Highlands 2.0! 2x17, "If It's In The Wrong Place, It's Wrong"

Monday, July 8, 2013

Sniper Elite V2 for Monday, 7/8!

New Game! Isstvan82 begins Sniper Elite V2 today! Part 1: Horrible At Stealth

Alan Wake for Monday, 7/8!

Part 30, I LOVE These Old Dudes!

Borderlands 2 for Monday, 7/8!

Just in time for Isstvan82's solo playthrough to be done, the Horrible People come to play!

Isstvan82's Part 1, Because We Felt Like It!

AngeliqueDaemon's Part 1, The Snipering!

Rob's 1x01, How Do I Fraps?

Minecraft for Monday, 7/8!

Isstvan82's Let's Survivaling! Part 13: Helpful Explosions

ExVee vs. Highlands 2.0! 2x16, "Fear of Inconvenience"

Horrible People Highlands Adventures!

AngeliqueDaemon's Part 7: ExVee Smells Like Butt?

And Part 8: Isstvan's FACE Is A Butt

Adventure Rob's 1x08, Sync, Volume, and Hiss

Isstvan's Part 8, I Think He Sent Me A Warp Request

ExVee's 2x06, "Everyone Suffers Because Of Jay"

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Borderlands 2 for Sunday, 7/7!

Part 88: The End

Minecraft for Sunday, 7/7!

Minecraft With Dicks!

Isstvan82's Part 26, More Looting!

ExVee's 2x22, "Where Did All This Winter Come From?

Horrible People Play Minecraft!

Isstvan82's Part 7: The Villagers Are Swarming!

Adventure Rob's 1x07, "Keep Southing"