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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Final Fantasy IV Part 41 Crazy cat lady aspirations

Friday, February 10, 2012

Ogre Battle Part 7: For The Birds

Now that we've visited that town, we need to go see Canopus in person. He lives up here, on an island across the sea from Gilbert's place. Grimm the Wizard has arrived to relieve Sammy, whose unit is feeling the effects of the war. Wizards are supposed to be bastards, so he can sit here on the frontlines and fight his fill.

Birdmen. They're native to this area, pretty good fighters and Low Sky fliers. I use the Empress Tarot card to spare one of his Fighters from dying a SECOND time and costing me 2K monies- I can't afford to have him run to the Temple right now.

Meet Canopus! Don't let the spikes and the club fool you, he's a nice guy.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Ogre Battle Part 6: Shop Town Conveniently Located on Main Street

Between last post and now, we stopped back by Sharom to search for hidden stuff. We found a town we missed and pulled the Temperance card, which raised our Reputation a couple points, but that's it.

On to the next part of Sharom!

This is complex enough to do in English, so I'm going to go ahead and cop to using a walkthrough for this stage because there's a couple characters it's well worth your time to get. See, Governor/Stage Boss Gilbert's not a bad guy, but he's working for the Empire to try and protect his people. It's possible to change his mind, but only one person has a shot at that: Gilbert's estranged best friend, Canopus Wulf: an EagleMan known as the Wind Rider.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Ogre Battle Part 5: Oh No, We Leveled Up!

Night has fallen in Sharom, and it's quiet. Too quiet. The attacks have ceased, and everyone's resting up for the next part of the conflict. We're going to have to advance soon, and then things will get hairy, as the next town to occupy is very close to the castle, which means a shorter walk for enemies to attack. This will have to be a concentrated effort.

Kamui the Beast Tamer is leaving the Roshfallian Temple unattended in order to hunt down some secrets for me. He finds a hidden item in the middle of the lake, and then heads to the southeastern corner of the map for more treasure-hunting. There's one more secret town to find, but I'm going to have to time that carefully- if I take it before the others advance, the entire might of the enemy army will be brought to bear on Kamui, and gryphons are hardy, but not THAT hardy.

Meanwhile, a Witch and octopus have attacked the shop town.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Ogre Battle Part 4: Fight it Out!

Okay, so our ducks are in a row, except those ducks are actually gryphons and samurai, and it's time to tackle our first real stage.

That would be here, in the area known as Sharom. (Or, going by the English-language blurb at the beginning of the game, "Shalom.")

The boss' castle is here...

...and we're all the way over to the southeast. Now, we have to defend our base- if it's taken we have to retreat and start the stage over. Your units recover HP when sitting in liberated cities. So the general rule of thumb is to send a couple units or more to each city you intend to keep on the frontline in order to make sure you keep them. Since the major cities are in a straight line, you can inch your way towards the Castle Sharom town by town, fending off enemies as you go.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Ogre Battle Part 3: Fun with Formations

So, we now have an army. Lanselot's unit consists of the Knight himself, two Fighters, and two Wizards. The Wizards may be a problem eventually- if I play my cards right I want Lans and his Fighter flunkies as Paladins, and an ALI that high could potentially strand the Wizards in that base class, never able to become Mages with group-attack spells. But for now they're aimed-attack gold since the front row can only hit what's right in front of them, where unit leaders often aren't. Warren's got a couple Hellhounds, and large creatures in a unit determine the movement type... Hellhounds being the not-too-useful Mountain variety. But they hit three times each.

Let's look at some of the other units.