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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Mother (Earthbound 0) Flailthrough - Day 1 (Well this is a bad acid trip.)

Well readers, it's time for me to begin my next review, and I decided that this time around I would go with a classic that was never released in the good old US of A... Nor any other country outside of Japan, for that matter. The game I'm talking about is of course... (this is where there should be a dramatic drum roll, so imagine one right here. Freaking sweet, isn't it?)


In accordance with the Flailthroughs Pledge: Behold the actual Mother cart being used for this review!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Torneko Day 15: The workers are going home.

Hey, it's a Golem! It's also asleep and I'm hideously underleveled now, so it can keep sleeping. ...wise choice since one approaches me in the next room while I'm caught in a Bear Trap, and does 27 damage to me. Fire Breath Herb does it in, and it's worth a whopping 180XP. Hope I don't have to do that again...

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Torneko Day 14: Couldn't I just run Ed Sullivan clips and Doo Wop concerts?

It's a beautiful day in Mystery Dungeon land! For those who didn't read yesterday's post: Torneko managed to get out of the dungeon without being dead, and handed a lot of stuff over to his wife to sell in the shop. A rare occasion indeed! And now it's back into the dungeon to get killed again.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Torneko Day 13: Three Lives are just the Beginning.

Well, the new dungeon might be harder. Liclicks on the third or fourth floor multiply, corner me and wipe me out. Pity, too- I had a pretty good store of items there. Good news is that safe-looking item isn't required to keep my money safe- not all of it anyway, since 140 of what I got in there went towards our current savings goal. I think that's half of what I'd gotten but I'm not certain. Either way, I'm going back!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Torneko Day 12: Home Improvement

One thing to note: the 13 whole Gold I was carrying has gone into whatever it is the note on the bedside is talking about. I almost wish I'd died sooner, because a damn Bag o' Laughs robbed me blind right before the Chimaera got me. Another thing I've discovered on my way back down in the Mystery Dungeon is that some of the scrolls occasionally have a better effect than normal: an ID scroll can randomly ID everything you have, and I think the Oomph and Buff scrolls will occasionally give you +3 to attack or defense other than the usual +1. I'm not back to floor 13 yet, but I'm doing a lot better this time. When I hit Floor 10 that one weird item is back, and I think it's what preserved my gold when I died- I see the world "gold" in the description, anyway.

Another important thing I've found out: Zombies' bad breath doesn't rot your bread. It corrodes your shield. My Dragon Shield is a -4 before I even know it. Argh! I reach the floor 13 stairs underleveled and starving, so I decide the hell with it and head down to 14 before I die. Let's see if I can gather more money before I cash it in, so to speak...

Monday, December 13, 2010

Torneko Day 11: A Short Life but not a Merry One.

...There's an old lady living in my house now. If that's my mother-in-law I am about to catch so much hell for continually dying before I can bring home any money.

Speaking of our favorite arms merchant...

It's not quite time for the next Torneko no Daiboken post, but I felt like it was worth mentioning that Torneko Taloon is this week's special guest downloadable to Dragon Quest IX! He'll be staying in one of the special suites at the Quester's Rest if you connect to DQVC, and will give you the gift of various parts of his outfit! (Well, copies. Which is good- I really don't have any desire to see him without them, you know?)

The first part you get no matter what, the second you get for having canvassed 30 guests and fully expanded the Rest (Good luck with that- this isn't downtown Tokyo, Squenix!). The last two pieces you get for it being your birthday (Or, eh-heh, the DS thinking it's your birthday...) and for speaking to Torneko while your hero is a Ranger. Pity none of the character creator body types are quite chunky enough to pull it off. (Also, the only way to get a mustache on a character is to equip it as headgear.)

And on another Dragon Quest-related note: have you seen these adorable DQ bath balls at Tiny Cartridge? Slime-shaped bath balls would be cute enough, but Slime bath balls with SD DQI monster figurines inside? Spectacular. It's enough to make a man regret that he showers all the time.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Retro Pokemon Weekends: Pokemon Green Flailthrough Day 22

Alright kiddies, we're going into Cerulean Cave today, and if that doesn't just thrill you down to your toes, then maybe this will... Except for the Mew update in the distant future (I'm not kidding, it'll probably be months or something with my lazy ass) you won't have to hear from me ever again... I mean, you know, right up until I end up having to do another weekend feature. Why another weekend feature? Because as my father was fond of saying: "That girl has a lot of quit in her". Case and point, this review and how long it's taken me. I has the lazy, deal with it.

Now with my rambling out of the way, let's get this shit rolling, shall we?