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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Rockman 2, Part 5: It Wasnt As Fast As All That

Isstvan82 continues Rockman 2 with a nice run against Flash Man, followed by an attempt on Quick Man!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Ogre Battle Extra: BAD END

Yesterday when I killed Galf, he merely spewed insults and then died. But that's only one way this could have ended.

Had FLAIL not been as virtuous a person as he is- that is to say, if I had rock-bottom Reputation and Alignment -and yet had still acquired the Brunhild Sword, Galf would have offered to join us on the condition that we give it to him as a gift. This is the key to getting the worst ending in the game, the one where not only is FLAIL a murderous tyrant to whom Empress Endora pales in comparison, but he is also possessed by Galf the demon, who goes on to be an even WORSE ruler. I was hoping to find to find at least screenshots of this somewhere, but there seems to be no record of the Galf ending online, oddly enough. Funky!

EDIT! Alert reader J. Berreng  found a link to the Galf ending: Click here!

So, we've eluded a bad ending. Revisiting Antanjyl nets us a few Tarot Cards from the Temples we ignored because I hate having to defend anything I can't boot reinforcements to, and an item called Solomon's Ark which is just an expensive sellable item, so yay for free money!

 On Monday, we set out on our next adventure!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Ogre Battle 61: Ha! I Kill Me! (Actually No, I Kill Him)

Talk about perfect timing! The moment before the Lich attacks, Canopus liberates the last town and draws The World, the antimagic card. If FLAIL takes too much damage from the first Phantom spell, we'll simply nullify the next two. But it goes a lot better than that- the first spell whiffs on FLAIL, which gives our Priest the time she needs to exorcise the Skeletons and give the Paladins a clean shot to the Lich. He gets his second spell off, but is dust before he can even think about firing off the third.

As I previously anticipated, they're coming up the northern road now. Once dawn and payday hit, which won't be long, we're kicking Norn over there and putting one or two of the others to guard the shop town. She'll face down Galf, and then we can all go home.

Vampires don't look nearly as tough in the daytime.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Ogre Battle 60: Norn The Wiser

Payday wins that argument, and time passes normally. They're headed straight for the base- FLAIL should be able to beat them. But if not, I know who can...

Norn wins her first fight against a Goetic and Phantom unit without breaking a sweat. FLAIL wins his first round despite the Vampires charming his front-row Paladins, and despite his Ice Requiem attack doing nearly nothing to Vampires. Once the Gryphon in that unit dies, though, this may be a job for good old Warren.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Ogre Battle 59: Angels and Demons

Yushis is the second type of Angel, which is called something in English I forget, and is of the order of Thrones in Japanese. Japanese games often dredge up lesser-known things like that. It's kinda neat. As I anticipated, she joins Rauny's group. I blow most of my Omicron-killing money on Boots, naturally.

And where does our new Chaos Gate lead? The land of Antanjyl, home of Galf the Demon! Remember him? He had that show on GNBC where he was from the planet Gmelmac? ...wait, I may have him confused with somebody else...

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Rockman 2, Part 4: Clash GET!

Isstvan82 beats Clash Man today! (Who became Crash Man for Mega Man 2, because I guess it makes a little more sense for sticky bombs to be Crash Bombs, I guess? Either way, I've recommended he take on Frash Man next...

Incidentally, Isstvan's on Twitter now, so drop in and say hi!