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Friday, April 20, 2012

Frivolous Friday: For the People who Searched for "My Little Pony Ogre Battle"

Going through the traffic sources for Flailthroughs I came across a number of searches for "My Little Pony Ogre Battle."


I mean, I know there is, God help us all, a series of MLP/Fallout crossovers known as "Fallout Equestria" (I've also heard the name "Foalout") but if there's MLP/Ogre Battle Saga mashups I don't know of them and I'm more than happy to keep it that way.

But you know, looking at it from a game mechanics perspective...

Earth Ponies would I suspect be Plains-type, the most common terrain type of Ogre Battle units and the standard for humanoids. Since they seem to be incapable of wielding magic from what this wiki tells me, I imagine they'd be limited to physical attacks like Golems. Not being made of rock, perhaps they'd get a high AGI or more attacks per battle than the average unit, like Hellhounds do.

Pegasus Ponies would be High-Sky units, of course. Since they're said to have weather-manipulation abilities, I see them as kind of high-flying Valkyries, able to use group-hitting Lightning-element attacks from the back row. And of course Unicorn Ponies would be your magic users.

And then you've got your Pegasus Unicorn all-purpose combo pony, but there's a trait she has which is far more important for Ogre Battle purposes. Princess Celestia would be a kick-ass unit leader. As a Pegasus she'd be a High-Sky unit, and as a Princess she'd give her entire unit a bonus attack per battle, which could be a downright unstoppable combination. ...of course that raises the question of whether she could be a unit leader, as traditionally this isn't something non-humanoids can do. If she was, she could either be flanked by three humans or one human and another creature-type because of the standard Ogre Battle unit limitations.  Celestia, a Pegasus and a Priest (with the mass healing spell) would be a potentially fragile unit, since you'd need all three in the back row for the maximum benefits of their magic attacks, but with the Priests getting an extra heal and the sheer amount of magic damage possible, it could probably take out just about anything.

Considering I just wrote this via the good old rectal extraction method, using nothing but the MLP wiki and what I've overheard Isstvan82 and AngeliqueDaemon say about the series, I'd be interested to hear other opinions from them or anybody else. Guys?

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Ogre Battle 45: Up in the Air Again

Next up we've got Shangrila, another floating island. Here's where stuff gets mean.

It's not big, and the shop town's right by the base. But there's some nasty stuff to fight here, and of course non-fliers have to be careful of the edges.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Ogre Battle 44: The Revenge

So right now the idea is to hold out until we can bring up the sun and get our pay, and from there take out Apropos, or whatever the fuck his name is. To do this, FLAIL will have to hold a town and hope it doesn't prey on his Alignment too severely. If I can liberate something else in the meantime, all the better. A lot of Cockatrices with those Black Knights, but FLAIL's winning all his battles despite being stoned. Tee hee.

Hey, that'll help! Two of FLAIL's three Knights have become Paladins, who get an extra attack each from the front row. He's gonna be fine.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Ogre Battle 43: In Soviet Malano, You Come to Prince

FLAIL Boots it on over to the shop town. His target is here, to the southeast. Warren mans the base. Go on, attack the base. Just try it. I send Gilbert home- his track record of town defense is not good -and choose Landis to defend the shop town, which is in retrospect not the finest, most upstanding citizen of Idea Town. I spend a lot of money on Boots, but we hold.