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Saturday, June 8, 2013

Costume Quest for Saturday, 6/8!

Part 23: Grubbins On Ice!

Alan Wake for Saturday, 6/8!

Part 5: Quantum Moron

Minecraft Miscellany for Saturday, 6/8!

Isstvan's Flatlands Survival Mayhem Part 19: Awesome Looting! AngeliqueDaemon's Horrible People Part 56: Dead People Shouldn't Make Albums:

Minecraft with Dicks for Saturday, 6/8!

ExVee's 2x12, "The Safety Floor" Isstvan82's Part 14: Strange Dungeon...s

Friday, June 7, 2013

Another Century's Episode R for Friday, 6/7!

Part 40: Saved By J-Pop!

Minecraft Miscellany for Friday, 6/7!

AngeliqueDaemon's Horrible People Part 55: Magical Mystery Sheep! Isstvan's Flatlands Survival Part 18: It Saved Time Off-Camera!

Minecraft with Dicks for Friday, 6/7!

ExVee's 2x11, "He's By All Of The Death" Isstvan82's Part 13: Stinky Body Spray

Minecraft: ExVee vs. Highlands 2.0 for Friday, 6/7!

1x05, "Nice Places To Not Visit Right Now"

Frivolous Fridays: Why It's (Somewhat More) OK When Steam Does It

So we've learned a lot of things about the Xbox One, and most of them are pretty awful. For one thing, you have to check in once a day before you're allowed to play the games you've bought. Second, they weaseled their way out of taking responsibility for their anti-used-games tech, saying that "publishers can enable" your ability to actually own your property. But they don't charge any fees, see. It's all the publisher, using technology that Microsoft created for the express purpose of allowing the publisher to "enable" something you've been able to do on any other console to date.

And we've already got apologists defending this bullshit. "What's the big deal about an always-online console?" Now, not much. In a Goodwill in 2033 when you're looking for the games you played as a kid? Lots. "Why should publishers allow used games?" Books survived being loaned out for milennia, and people tended to buy books after they read the ones they liked. So, why shouldn't they? Why are they special?

But here is the tough one: "Steam already does most of this, so why is it okay for Steam and not for Microsoft?" So I put some thought into that.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Another Century's Episode R for Wednesday, 6/5!

Part 38: I...

Costume Quest for Wednesday, 6/5!

Part 22: Ohhh, He's Big Boned... That's Funny...

Minecraft Miscellany for Wednesday, 6/5!

Isstvan82's Flatlands Survival Part 16: Bad Render Settings... AngeliqueDaemon's Horrible People Play Part 53: Bryant Gumbel Lava Butt

Minecraft with Dicks for Wednesday, 6/5!

ExVee's 2x09, "It's The LEGO Part" Isstvan's Part 11, Dungeon Robbery!

Alan Wake Catchup for Wednesday, 6/5!

Part 2: I Bet The Coffee Is Good Part 3: Sad Waitress Is Sad

Minecraft: ExVee vs. Highlands 2.0 for Wednesday, 6/5!

1x03, "Largely Unproductive Mining"

Monday, June 3, 2013

Another Century's Episode R for Monday, 6/3!

Part 57: They're Stealin' The Women-Folk!

Alan Wake for Monday, 6/3!

Part 1: A Dream Within A Dream, Within A Pizza

Costume Quest for Monday, 6/3!

Part 20: Nerd Annoyance

Minecraft: Flatland Survival for Monday, 6/3!

Part 14: I Still Fear The Night!

Minecraft: Horrible People Highlands Adventures for Monday, 6/3!

AngeliqueDaemon's Part 51: You'll Find A Portugal Isstvan82's Part 55: So Exciting!

Minecraft: ExVee vs. Highlands 2.0 for Monday, 6/3!

1x01, "The Most Boring Possible Way To Start"

Sunday, June 2, 2013