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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Minecraft with Friends Part 15: Things Have Changed A Bit

Bit of an understatement, really, but I like how things are shaking out. Still not sure why I built a fort around the lower level of my house.

Borderlands 2 Part 26: I Was Confused By The Poking Interface

I hated those turrets in the Bloodshot hideout.

Mobile Suit Gundam: Battle Operation(PS3): MS-09 Dom HC Gameplay

The Dom HC is great! Love the Sturm Faust. Have grown to loathe the Mine map.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Minecraft with Friends! Part 14: We Need Enchant!

We've enjoyed this a lot! You know what else you'll enjoy a lot? ExVee's Tokusatsu/Power Rangers/Kamen Rider/Super Sentai/Metal Hero/Your Mom podcast Superhero Time, and ExVee and my meticulous, beautifully-photographed action figure reviews at Figurereviews.com!


Borderlands 2 Part 25: Off To Save Roland

The other day Isstvan said he thought I was near the end of the game. Still haven't hit it- though I have stopped for a few sidequests.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Borderlands 2 Part 24: That Is One Big Lady.

...plus there's the tags I put on this one. Awkward. But today, we meet Ellie! And next week, we get the first DLC!

Minecraft with Friends! Part 13: Animal Sex Pit

...man, between this and Black Matrix Zero blathering about Incest all the time, I hope people (and search engines) don't get the wrong idea about us.

Black Matrix Zero Part 8: Was That... Permadeath?

And now we're in a town called Water. That blue dude in the middle of the room? That's our old buddy Trap Card! Then we run a practice battle so we can spend our remaining XP on the rest of the team. Which turns into three battles so we're all level 9 and most of us have better weapons. Then we move on.

Back in Cipher Punk, we get a conversation between Trap Card, whose name may possibly be Shin, and Beetle Bailey, as well as Sgt. Maid and the woman in the shawl from I think day 2 or 3. Steien is mentioned...

...then Sgt. Maid puts the moves on Beetle. Her name may or may not be Caldia. Then we get Stei talking to Valtos. I am very confused.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Minecraft with Friends! Part 12: Not That Mysterious Fire

...I'm not sure why, but I decided to build a large stone fence around my house between this recording session and tonight's.

Borderlands 2 Part 23: Still Lost

Strawberry Watermelon juice is indeed fuckin' delicious. Also, the Mechromancer is a lot of fun!

Black Matrix Zero Part 7: Of Course He's A Friend Of Luca's

Zion identifies the guy as Aragi. He keeps saying something about "Kari." Maybe he's never made it through the Gurgu Volcano in Final Fantasy I? He talks to Luca for a bit- big surprise they know each other, huh? -and then attacks Cain.

Our prize for the last battle was this scroll. No idea what it's for, but it equips like an accessory. I give it to Yohane, since he's a magic-user, and scrolls are mage fodder if there ever was any.

Hah! We get to be at the top of the stairs this time. Now Zoidberg is the popular one! ...actually, Aragi's Level 13, so he's probably more popular than any of us. Good news is that the rest of the stage is equal to us or lower. A few things I learn: Magic has an elevation restriction, which seems kinda on the dumb side to me even though it's common to this kind of game. Also, people with wings aren't as good as jumping off of tall things as you'd think. The wings in this game are disappointingly decorative.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Minecraft with Friends! Part 11: Quality Shelter Construction!

Tomorrow night we record again! Looking forward to it.

Borderlands 2 Part 22: I Have To Fight These Guys Again

...I thought you could warp to the Souther Shelf. Oh well.

Black Matrix Zero Part 6: Equal to Four Sephiroths

Something I noticed that I forgot to mention yesterday: Syria has two pair of white wings, and if you look at Yohane's next to hers they are decidedly gray. I'm sure this is significant and stuff. That big hole in the middle of the floor is going to dictate the flow of the battle, and I start by letting the first wave come to me. Levels here are 7-8, so it's more the numbers than the power that'll potentially screw us up.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Black Matrix Zero Part 5:

Seeing Boba Fett's surlier cousin freaks the party out, and the Mando doesn't help things by only speaking in ellipses. (Ellipses which are STILL too long, might I add?)

Hey, Lilith's a party member now! She seems to be a magic user. Steien, on the other hand, specializes in spears. Nice. Chapter 3 is entitled "Cipher Punk," and has a font large enough that I can say that yes, it's "Punk." And we're back in the town of the same name. There's a lot of new stuff in the shop, but for now I'm letting it go, because we could only maybe afford two weapons, tops. Practice Battle Guy is still here, and we learn that Stei's spear works the same way spears did in Tactics Ogre: they have a two-square range and will hit the units in both.

Time to advance the story! If I know my Kanji, and I sure the hell don't so take this with a grain of salt, the topic of conversation seems to be angels.

Speaking of!

Minecraft with Friends! Part 10: That's Some Echo

With our very special guest, AngeliqueDaemon YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY We've got two people recording in one room, and me in the next room, so we've got some amazing echo effects going here.

Borderlands 2 Part 21: Because I'm Dumb, That's How

Borderlands 2 is good at making you feel dumb, sometimes.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Mobile Suit Gundam: Battle Operation (PS3): New Battle Control/Conquest Mode Gameplay!

The literal translation is "Battle Control," but a poster told me that Conquest was a better translation, so that works too! It reminds me even more of Star Wars Battlefront, but DangerousLee1986 has let me know that conquering all 5 points does NOT end the round, as his team managed it once and still lost. Still, nice to have some variety!

Minecraft with Friends! Part 9: Cows!

I've spent so damn much time breeding cows to build enchantment rigs. This game shall be no different!

Borderlands 2 Part 20: I Guess That's Hard To Get...

Speaking of hard-to-get weapons, I got the Crossbow Legendary today- a sniper rifle that shoots Minecraft Arrows. It's awesome.