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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Retro Pokemon Weekends: Pokemon Green Flailthrough Day 10

Meowth in hand, and Nidorina in a box, I contemplate the poor design on the part of the town builders. The ONLY way to get out of town is to either be a Pokemon trainer, with enough badges to allow you to use Cut, or to tromp through a poor man's recently burglarized home. What the hell did people do before that Team Rocket Member crashed through that man's house? He obviously didn't have a back door before the robbery. Maybe all of the town designers were Pokemon trainers, and they had decided that if they made it impossible for normal people to leave, then they could make a KILLING charging people to have them cut down the tree blocking the route so they could continue. Maybe this whole town is run by the PokeMafia, and Misty is their Godfather... Ok, ok, that's a bit too far... she can't be more than a capo. Lance has to be the Godfather, with his pimpin' cape and bad ass dragons.

Of course the only reason I mentioned any of that is because power leveling Meowth is horribly boring and the asinine town set up makes it difficult to get back where I was leveling after I heal up. I think the guards in the waystations are in on it too, since I can't pass through them. Crooked bastards. So with that in mind, I head through this strangely handy underground tunnel. Clearly this is the Pokemon equivalent of the famous Underground Railroad, except instead of transporting slaves from the south to the north, it allows the second class citizens that are non-trainers to escape the crushing, iron grip of the PokeMafia.

Well I interrupt a snogfest between two trainers, and the enraged camper sends out... Derple. Wow, Squirtle, just... wow. I'm not even sure how to describe it, so I'll just give you the picture and let you come to your own conclusions... though I will point out that the arm in the foreground looks more like a tumor than an arm.

Poor Squirtle. His arms look like horrible little Tater Tots.
I'm getting tired of things peeing on me. Those water types REALLY need to learn to control their bladders. Be that as it may, I take out the camper and the picnicker he was snogging with only minor difficulty and continue on my never-ending level grinding way. The good news is that at level 17, Meowth has learned Pay Day, and all my money troubles are over!! Well... not that I was having THAT much trouble since the only thing I've bought has been Pokeballs, because I don't know what anything else is, but still! Money! It makes everything better!

As it turns out, after five thousand teleports back to Cerulean City, and five thousand long treks back through the underground passage, all I needed to do was go down a bit and I'd hit the new town, and a much, much closer PokeCenter... God damn it! I won't say that I'm bitter, but I wanted to throw the game at the wall... even though it was technically my fault for being an idiot. Either way, in the new area I talk to some old guy and answer yes to his question, and he gives me something. I decide to try it since I don't know what it is, and it turns out to be a fishing rod. Excellent! Time to catch a Magikrap...

And kill it horribly. Woops. Well Magikarp looks the same as always, just a bit fatter, and at a different angle. I'm sure some of you are wondering why I don't have a Gyarados already, but there was no way in hell I'd shell out 500 for a Magikarp. Besides, it'll level faster in the area I'm in now, so nyah. The current trick is just... you know... not killing them horribly. This looks like a job for Leech Seed!

After watching it bounce up and down about fifty times with its useless Splash move... I chunk a ball at its head and catch it. Ha! Take THAT! Of course, the trick now is figuring out who to replace with him. Hm... Nidorno, my main bunny... you're going in the box. Sorry, but I can't evolve you anymore until I have enough Moon Stones for everyone, so... yeah. Sorry. Please don't fill the box with baby bunnies, since Nidorina's in there with you... because then I'll eat them. Mm... hossenfeffer.

So bunny in box and fish in hand, I continue the endless level grinding. Kill me. In an effort to put off the inevitable, I stop to peek in some houses and talk to people. Some guy in a business suit wants one of my Pokemon, but I'll be damned if I know which one, so I'll ignore him for now. In the next house is a bunch of people, and another old guy in a suit gives me something... but I'm not sure what it is. With luck it's the bike voucher I need, so with hope in my heart, I'm going back to Cerulean... AGAIN! And I'll level grind on the way *mutter mutter grumble*.

As it turns out, I did indeed get the bike voucher, and now I'm scooting around, happy as a clam... You know, I've always wondered about that phrase. How do we know clams are happy? I mean, it's not like they talk to us... hell, they might be miserable. I mean, I'd be pretty damn unhappy, if I was stuck to a rock all my life until some other creature scraped me of and then either cracked me open with a rock and ate me alive, or cooked me while I was still alive. Well, anyway, my point was that I'm happy to have the bike... because walking is for LOSERS!

On a fun little side note, while I mindlessly level my Pokemon, I also have all our Pokewalkers on a string, so I can swing it and gain watts while I work. Since it's taken a turn for the chilly (and thanks to a massive computer meltdown) we don't have the Pokesailer active, so I'm having to do this by hand. Oh, the joy in my heart. The hot, frothing, bubbling, wretched, hateful joy... At least the cat seems to enjoy this development.

On another side note, I'd like to point out that not only are Pidgeys little freaking trolls, they're also also cheap little bastards. I barely get any money out of them when I have my Meowth beat them until coins falls out.

In a fit of boredom, I went back and talked to the man in the business suit to see what he wanted of me. After staring at the strange and mysterious runes that were his speech, I thought I recognized what he was asking for, and so went and pulled the matching collecting of lines from my box. It turned out he wanted my cardboard cut out Spearow, and in return, I got... a Farderp'd... or Derpfetch'd if you prefer. He looks like what would happen if you crossed Popeye with a duck.

Farfetch'd just took a leek.
All I can say is, what has science wrought? His eyebrows look more like a scar, as though he's been in one to many bar fights... and his leek looks like he's been sharpening it, probably to fend off all those Nidoran males.

Apparently Ivysaurs learn Poison Powder at level 22... thank goodness all I got rid of was Growl, or else I'd be kinda pissed. I was under the impression that he got a better attack, but I guess that's in the later games.

Alright, screw the power leveling, what am I supposed to be doing? Isn't there a ship or something I'm supposed to get on around here? Time to investigate. Well, in my search for a boat, I found a cave... because clearly I look for boats on LAND. Anyway, I managed to bumble my way into a level 31 Dugtrio, who look the same as always (though there's a bit more sarcasm in their eyebrows), and take them out after the deaths of my Alakazam, and my Ivysaur, because my highest level Pokemon is level 22. Oopsie. Considering the fact that the only Pokemon in this area seem to be Digletts and Dugtrios, I'm going to go out on a limb here, and say this is Diglett's cave. If I've said that about any other cave, then I was wrong. I might as well explore it while I'm here, and worry about the boat later.

Well apparently it leads to an area I could have gotten to with Cut, and some kid that wants some Pokemon from me. I dunno what it is though, so I'll have to stare at the symbols until I find a Pokemon with a name that matches. Fun... except not. A spin through my Pokedex tells me that it's an Abra that guy is after, so I head back to Cerluean and shuffle through the grass until I kick one up. Why, you might ask? Because at least I have a GOAL to the leveling then, instead of just doing it mindlessly as my brain slowly drips out of my ear. Besides, I wanna see what this guy's going to give me, and the Digletts on the way are good experience... and they seems to have a decent bit of money on them, unlike those miserly Pidgey bastards.

As a reward for my hard work, my Magikrap is now a bouncing, healthy Gyarados, and to prove his superiority over the world, he just killed a Dugtrio 11 levels higher than him without taking any damage. Whose house? This is Gyarados' house, bitches! All shall tremble before his awesome fucking might. He just killed a level 18 Diglet in one hit... and he's only level 20. Oh yeah, bow before your mighty water dragon GOD!

They grow up so fast. And learn Dragon Rage.
Oh, he's not all that changed, though he does look a bit more he comes from Magikrap in this version, I just wanted to put a picture of him in here after all the brain melting work I went through to get him. Who's Mommy's fierce little rape monster? Is it you? Is it you?! It sure is! You're Mommy's good little killing machine!

Anyway, the point of that was to take the recently caught Abra to that guy on the other side of Diglet's Cave, and I've done that, receiving... a Mr. Mime in return! Alright, and into the box he goes where I can forget about him!

Mr. Mime: is he a Mown? Or a Clime? Either way he's horrible.
He's like the worst possible combination of a mime and clown, and I don't like either. He also looks like maybe he ate that Abra I sent over, the fat sack of fatty fat. Well, with that done, I think I'm going to wrap it up here, and explore the possibility of boats tomorrow. Until tomorrow, remember... God is an angry, angry blue water dragon.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Pokemon Black - Day 15 (I was wrong, my monkey does have something to hide.)

PGen is now Kenhorou! Yeah, that is Quaily...

This happened as I was finishing up, it's called Kenhorou, but he's still my little Pgen... He also looks more like a quail than a pigeon, if you ask me.

I make my way back to the split path that was between the small desert where I just finished power leveling, then head in the direction of what should be the next town. There was a random trainer along the way with one bird pokemon, no big deal. As I step into the tunnel between this area and the next, I'm met by the Librarian and Professor Bladdernut, who seem deep in conversation about something, but stop when I get there... I'm really hoping this isn't some sort of creepy love triangle, because no, just no. She talks to us for a bit, then gives us both something that I can't seem to figure out, then she and Librarian both head south for some reason... I suppose I'll check to see if it's anything important.

I find nothing back to the south, so I continue to the north and discover... Vegas?

Hope Caesar's Legion isn't lurking about- I hate those guys.

And not only do I discover Vegas, but look! Stupid people in costumes! That can only mean one thing! Cesar's Palace. No, wait, it just looks like it's Plasma again, and they're showing how just and noble they are by harassing some old man. What jerks.

Sweet! A bike! It's about damn time someone showed me a bit of thanks... Aside from all of the times that they have already shown me thanks, which doesn't really count, because they didn't give me a bike to express it. Anyway, after awesome bike man wanders off, Girl with Hips Large Enough to Birth Octuplets all at Once comes up and starts talking to me, spins in a circle, then wanders off aimlessly... I wonder if this is how deaf people see the world, and if it's just as surreal to them. Someone walks up to you, says something you don't understand, gestures, then wanders off... They must laugh at people constantly, because I know I would.

On we go. I see a large building,

I guess it'd be the Pokesubway- everything has to begin with Poke.

but as I attempt to enter it, some girl rushes out and bumps into me, then gives me a device that looks quite a lot like the old Game Boy Camera, though with a screen attached. I fiddle with it for a moment and find that it's called a Battle Recorder, and then decide that I'm not interested in it in the least. I hate to say it, but with my extremely limited knowledge of Japanese, I don't think I'll be able to explore this aspect of the game. I decide to head inside of the building to see what's going on...

And I am confused, but that's nothing new so far in this game. It seems to be some sort of subway system, but I don't know if I'm supposed to get on any of them yet or not. I'm sorry that I couldn't get a good picture of it, by the way. So now I think I'll explore the city a bit more, and see if anything strikes my attention.

Indoor tennis court, maybe?

This place, for instance. Normal-looking building next to the pokemon center, inside... Evil battle arena? No, that doesn't even make sense. Why bother hiding it in a normal looking building, since it's entirely legal? Whatever the reason for it, no matter what I pick, it seems to do nothing, so I head back out to explore the town... and then I run into our dear old friend(?) N. He seems very excited, and leads me over to what seems to be the world's smallest Ferris Wheel, aside from maybe the kind you see at high school fairs, or small, frightening carnivals.

You could be dating Aeris or Tifa now if you'd been nicer to them.
Umm... Are he and I on a date?... I think we might be, and that isn't something that I really... Oh thank god for Plasma showing up to spoil the mood! N seems pretty annoyed by this though, and asks me something, then decides to attack me before Team Plasma gets a chance to. That's pretty bitchy there Bubba, I gotta say, and not only that, but really bad form. Then, after I defeat him and the Plasma grunts seem to have run off without me fighting them, he gets REALLY close to my face, and I see this...

I think the excessively pretty man said something about a champion. -Ed.
Seriously... What's with all of the ambiguity? I'd really like to see a male character where there wasn't even a sliver of a doubt to their gender, aside from the main character... Even Librarian could be a tomboy.

No matter, I begin to head my way back to the rest of town to heal up and continue looking around, when I see something that actually frightens me to my core.

Giant Pikachu should fight Godzilla.

That's just damn scary to me, and I don't know why, other than GIANT PIKACHU WILL DESTROY US ALL!


As I continue my exploration, I head a bit too far to the left and am suddenly met by Giant Butt and she stops me from going anywhere... But I didn't WANT to go anywhere, I just wanted to explore the town! Wait, where are you taking me? Why does that building say 'Musical' on it?! NOOOO! DO NOT WANT!

Well, she manhandled me inside and some old man spoke to us for a moment, then handed the both of us our fashion cases, which is something I had been happy not to have quite yet. Now I'm being forced to sit through a tutorial on how to dress up pokemon, and I think neither I nor my Dunky want to be here right now. I manage to escape with the last semblance of manhood un-shattered, and find Big Bottom Girl outside talking to some random guy... from the music, I almost think he's asking her on a date. Things are going badly, then out of nowhere some strange girl with even stranger hair comes up, and talks Lardzilla's stalker into leaving.

By the way, I don't think Dunky will be forgiving me for a while for what I did to him.

I've never used the Fashion Case in a Pokemon game, and this doesn't make me want to start.

That's all for this week! Come back Monday when I'll be seeing if I can fight the gym leader!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Pokemon Black - Day 14 (Comb the desert! Do you hear me?! Comb the desert!)

Alright, so with the party all level 28, I decide to make my way back to the main road to talk to the gym leader with silly hair, who's waiting at the end of the road, apparently to send me to die a slow, painful death in the desert... Or to be beaten to death by the countless trainers, and either way I'm up for it. Just so you know, there's a little house right by the side of the road that heals you if you talk to the man inside. This is pretty handy for leveling reasons.

The constant sandstorm over the area that saps your HP little by little in battles is a bit annoying, but thankfully it doesn't take enough of your health to be anything more than annoying, if you've leveled out your party like I recommend. I would also like to remind everyone to keep their dousing machine up in this area, as there are items all over the place, if you don't mind the constant combat to get to them.

So once you reach the other side of the desert there are two paths to take, one which seems to go straight to the next city, and the other which leads to a small dot on the map. Since it doesn't look like where I'm supposed to head, and there hasn't been anything really interesting to take a picture of yet, we'll side track for a bit.

The area seems to be filled with trainers, and another trainer doctor right by the door in so you can heal your pokemon. I'm sure there's something else here, so I'm going to scour the area to see what I can find.

Koaruhie, the duck dyed blue Pokemon.
What the hell am I looking at? It looks like this trainer caught herself a duck, painted it blue, and then told people it was a pokemon... Ok crazy lady, I'll kill the duck for you.

After I kill the duck, I begin exploring again, seeing if I can't find something other than sand and... well, more sand, and that's when I stumble on this.

A tower in the middle of a desert. ...Figaro Castle?
It really hurts to stumble on something like that, but anyway it sure as hell looks neat, or like someone didn't knock down a sand castle they left behind.

It says 'Desumasu: Soul Pokemon.' Guessing that's Japanese shorthand for 'Deathmask.' -Ed.
One step through the door and I encounter this creepy little bastard. Now, I know some animals have fake heads or faces, so that predators will attack the wrong end. I know that some pokemon are based off of real animals as well... But I can't for the life of me figure out what he's supposed to be. I'm going to call him Face, but his actual name is Desumasu, and I think I might go to the trouble of raising him up.

Sadly there's nothing inside of this area, since in Pokemon anything over an inch tall is a cliff, and I can't walk over the tiny ledge.

That always bugged me too- those ledges are NOT steep. -Ed.
Ok, I think, and call me crazy, that I might have found something...

Significant!I go inside to have a bit of a look around. Not too much worth mentioning, but there seem to be a small number of trainers around, and they have some... pretty freaky pokemon.
Shinbora, the Wouldn't Look Out of Place Silhouetted on Link's Shield Pokemon.
Not too many trainers, actually, though I note they have an excess of deep, frightening pits in here.

Pants pits himself against the dungeon.
The man by the stairs refuses to let me take them, but I think that I'm going to see if I can't take one of those pits down to the next level... And I can. Awesome, just one single room... Oh well, at least I can remember this place for later, and do a bit of leveling while I'm here, since from what I'm seeing here, I don't think I'm quite up to the next gym.

Ishizumai, the... I don't know, Crab That Lives Under a Rock Pokemon, I guess?

Well, looks like I caught a... oh hell, I don't even know, but I'm going to call him Craby, since he's... yeah. Anyway, his real name is Ishizumai, I think.

Umm, yeah...

Marakacchi, the Bunny-eared Cactus Pokemon.

These pokemon are getting a little bit wacky if you ask me, but this guy, Marakacci, seems pretty much to fill the cute quota for the game. I'll call him Cacti.

And uhh...
Pokemon Black and White take some flak for the new Pokemon designs, but I rather like these. -Ed.

Yep... Shinbora here is... I don't even know where to start, nor can I come up with any description beside that he looks like a pile of Unown that flew through the gift shop on a reservation. I'm calling him Tpole, since I'm pretty sure he's supposed to look like a totem pole.

I'd like to say I'm sorry, I don't think this update was all that interesting to be honest. I think I'll call it here since I've got a lot of power leveling to do, and I'll start again tomorrow.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Pokemon Black - Day 13 (Someone get me a Rabbi!)

So... did Pooh Bear explode all over this place?

Huh, a candied Gym.I only ask because I'm almost certain that the walls in this place are slathered in honey, and vaguely honeycomb-shaped... Anyway, this makes me guess that this place is bug type, so let's find out shall we?

Ok, I don't know what the dick just happened, but I think I just had to run face first though a wall of jello... I don't know what to say about that, aside from apparently that in jello, there is always room for me.

The hair... I can't stop looking at the hair...
Holy Hell it's Silly Hair Man! Or possibly Woman! I can't wait to see what they actually look like now!

Male? Female? Don't know, but it appears to be finishing a big musical number as we speak.
... Still... Um... Still having a bit of of trouble determining if it's a man or a woman, to be honest. I'm going to have to guess man though, because they're a full grown adult and don't have breasts that could be used to knock a good-sized meteor out of orbit. As I suspected, this is a bug gym, and he has a fairly impressive collection of creepy crawlies, but Vic, who I'm still leveling, seems to be doing just fine.

'Hahakomori' ...Mother Spider? Correction from someone with a better grasp of Japanese welcome! -Ed.
And that's... umm... damn, that's creepy is what that is. The worst part of that is that you know someone, somewhere finds that attractive... And I never want to meet that person, thank you.

Now, for the past two badges there has been a very pretty close up shot after I get the badge, but I haven't been able to get a picture of it, but this time I think I'll manage it.

It's the Beetle Badge! I really want to play Pokemon Black for myself now. -Ed.

Sort of... Damn camera. Anyway, victory is mine and whatnot. I make my way out of the gym, and then suddenly this happens.

Speaking of spiders, you are now seeing her hair and hat as a green and yellow spider eating her head.
I think when this is all over, I'll still have nightmares about her hair... and her ass.

This is one of the new mimics for the DSI, where you can video chat with your friends all over the planet... At the moment I'm playing this on a standard DS, since this game is the first region locked DS game ever, and won't work on my DSI XL. Oh well, I only saved up and bought it for this review, so it's not a big deal... *twitch*

Aside from the fact that it shows the nice little Volume icon to indicate people are talking when no noise other than the background music is coming through, I manage to pick up something from the conversation. The number 4 is mentioned, so I guess I'm heading to route 4!

That does seem the right way to head, because as soon as I enter the little hallway that connects all cities to areas, the girl with the butter fetish catches up with me and starts talking to me. She walks over to the information desk, somehow without causing a massive earthquake, then walks back over and attacks me... Because this is what normal people do.

You know, I know it's only fair that people you fight be allowed to use healing items in battle, since I can, but I think this girl abuses that ability. She is healing her pokemon literally almost every other turn. I still beat her, but damn it was almost as annoying as her GIGANTIC HIPS.

I make my way to the north, finding that the entire region is covered in a giant sandstorm. Librarian is waiting there for me, and insists on a battle, which I win. After the battle there's a familiar ringing, and I find myself in a three-way chat with Librarian, and Professor Bladdernut. They tell me something that is probably very interesting, or important, then the call ends and I'm left to wander the desert...

AngeliqueDaemon missed the word 'chat' when she proofed this.

And now we have a bit of a frightening turn of events!


They have alligators in the desert! Damn! Now I'm not safe anywhere! Seriously though, is that a gator or a croc? I can't tell, but I think I'm going to call him Gator, instead of Meguroko.
And this guy is Darumakka, who i'm calling Bodhi, after Bodhidharma, the Buddhist monk that went to the Buddha and asked for advice to achieve enlightenment, which lead to the founding of the style of Shaolin Kung Fu, and many others from those teachings... What? That's what he's named after, he even looks like a Dharma doll.

And... eew...

Zuruggu still looks like something out of Sgt. Frog to me.

I caught Foreskinamon, or Zuruggu as he's really called.

That's it for today, we'll have more tomorrow after I'm done power leveling my party to... I don't know, thirty-something.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Pokemon Black - Day 12 (Around the world in 80 feet.)

Uh... you guys don't want Victini back, do you?Apparently people were a bit excited that I caught Vic... who knew?

Anyway, it's back to town and with an important bit of information. When you first enter the town, if you take the first street deep into the city, and then enter the first building on the right, on the top floor is a man that seems to give you a leaf stone... Now, I don't know if this is something he always does, or if it's because of my Yanappu. I suspect it has to do with my monkey, and that this stone will evolve him...

Yanappu is now Yanakki! Ugly.Yeah, I'd say that's about right... That is one stupid looking monkey with a pompadour...

Anyway, there's a lot of crazy crap going on around this city... Battling break dancers, an art gallery of some sort with a creepy clown who wants to trade pokemon with you, lord knows what ones, creepy men that jump out at you from behind dumpsters and give you TMs, coffee shop owners that give you cans of soda for no reason, and random battles inside of office buildings... Wow, that was one long damn sentence.

I should mention that after beating two of the break dancers, one wandered off to stand next to the other in the center of town... This may be important later, but... I have no idea.

There is also an office building worth note, and I believe it's one of the buildings on the main street from where you first enter the city. This building is full of trainers, and really interesting items that I am clueless as to what they do or are for. The most powerful it would seem it this guy.

Scruffy believes in this company. *snif*
Why yes, that is a mop, and yes, he is the janitor, why do you ask? Rather than make a Scrubs reference at this point, instead I think I'm going to stare at his pokemon for a moment.

Yabukuron, the trash-bag Pokemon.

Yep... That's a bag of trash alright... Is it wrong that I kind of want one? Nah, of course it isn't, this is pokemon, and you gotta catch 'em all.

... I think that guy just gave me the XP Share! sweet!

Alright, it's time to go and find a gym!

...wait. Why can I understand you?... What the hell am I looking at?

...and I'm not misunderstanding you in the right language! What gives!?
I don't know what's going on here, but that guy is speaking German...

Actually, That Guy's just as suited to Flailthroughs in Spanish as he is in Japanese.And she's speaking Spanish... It's kind of neat, but I'm not sure what's supposed to be going on in this room. I don't have too good of a grasp on Spanish, but I think that she's saying, "The dog is precocious, he has stolen part of my house."

Anyway, the search begins again!

I do like how they play with scale in this one. -Ed.I have the strange feeling this is a gym, and I don't know why.

As I attempt to enter, my childhood friend Librarian runs out and pushes me away from the door. I can't decide if he's a jerk, or if he was just running out that fast, and hit me... Either way it doesn't matter because I run into Man with Strange Hair, or possibly Woman with Slightly More Normal Hair, and s/he talks to me, likely about an overdue book that Librarian was fighting him/her about.

After that the funny-haired person runs off and I decide to see what the gym is like.

Closed, apparently... Damn it! I'm going to have to chase after the two of them, and I have no idea where they could have gone... I'm going to have to scour the city.

Ever notice how many Batman stories take place at 'the docks?'That wasn't as hard as I thought it was going to be, as I easily located them on the docks... The third from the right, I think. Anyway, Lardbottom is there with a girl with very silly hair, and a man or possibly woman with silly hair or not.

And then out of nowhere, the people I would least expect to ever show their faces, and have not already beaten for several hours till they run away and cry, Plasma Knights show up... Then run off, and I and Silly Hair am forced to chase them... DAMN! Oh, wait, there's silly hair at the end of the far left street, and it seems that the Plasma Knights are guarding... some random building?

We smite them verily, and then make our way inside to finish them off!

Team Galactic prepares to blah the blah.
... This could be trouble...

Man with silly hair and sparkly bath robe babbles at us for a bit, but we all know the speech by heart by now, don't we? "I am *blah* leader of *Blah* and our driving goal is to rid/bring/destroy the world of *blah*. If you try to stop us, we will not hesitate to *blah* and see if we don't!"

Anyway, Bull's Ass says something, and a Munna pops out of her pocket, or possibly she's just happy to see them. Plasma leaves and everyone babbles frantically. The little girl, who I'm thinking is this city's gym leader, hands me something, then everyone runs out like lunatics.

Guess I'll finally be able to get started on that gym battle, but it'll have to wait till tomorrow.

Hang in there, more to come soon!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Pokemon Black - Day 11(I'm on a boat!)

Here would be where I'm let out, once that I'm let off of the boat.

I've been waiting for you, Mr. Anderson.
Agent Smith from the Matrix?! What are you doing here, and are you going to kidnap me and steal my soul?! I don't know if that would be awesome or not...

I talk to everyone there, including a Plasma grunt, then make my way around to the other side of the tower in the middle... Or I try to, because everyone in a Knightly Order of Plasma costume wants to fight me along the way, minus the first one by the docks.

It's when I get to here that it strikes me.

I'm assuming this is all part of Team Plasma's headquarters, cunningly disguised as a Ren Faire.
I know this place. Now, I avoided any and all information that I could about this game, because I wanted to keep this game and my play through as close to pure as I could, but there was one source I didn't think would hurt.

Victini Flier!
This little flier that came in the box, and shows the information on Victini. It's all in Japanese, so I still don't really know what's going on, so I don't think it'll mess things up too much. All the same, sorry to you readers, I let you down.

The tour guide inside is willing to heal my pokemon, and that's really nice of him because I can see a Plasma grunt from here. I take the healing and make my way down to fight...

Zuruggu wouldn't look that out of place in Keroro Gunsou/Sgt. Frog.
What the hell is that thing? It keeps... dropping it's skin... ugg. I can't even describe how much I do not like the leprosy pokemon, who for those of you who care is named Zuruggu. Well, I can't unsee that, so I think I'll move on to the next room inside of the little lighthouse.

Plasma grunt attacks me as soon as I'm through the door, and I think she's obscuring...

Victini sighted!

My first legendary pokemon! I am so gonna catch this guy!

Likes: not staying in its Pokeball. Dislikes: being put into Pokeball.
Words cannot describe what an amazing little bastard this guy is. Even when it looked like he didn't have a single HP to his name, this little jerk would break out of every single one of the pokeballs I threw at him. It turns out though, that no matter how many times you kill him, he will always respawn until you catch him... This is what gave me my plan.

I went out and caught another Minezumi, because he had what I'm pretty sure was Hypnosis at level eighteen. I reasoned that if I caught him, I could use Victini as a way to power level him to the point where he got Hypnosis, beat him down with my other pokemon, then have him put it to sleep so I could catch it... Things did not go as planned... No dear readers, they did not.

I used my Gamaguru, Muffr as the tank after I withdrew my Minezume (MULE) to kill the cute little critter and share the XP... Well, he was killing him in one hit every time, and all was going well... Then one time, he didn't die, and it gave me some message I didn't understand. I said, "to hell with it," and threw a ball... Caught him instantly...

No. 000 Victini: Psychic/Fire Type. -Ed.
And he was worth it, dear readers... oh my yes.

I really need to go power level this guy, so that's it for today! Read again tomorrow for the amazing adventures of Vic!