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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Second Anniversary Contest: The Winner

Thanks to everybody who entered and commented! Glad to see what everybody's been enjoying- quite a few people enjoyed AngeliqueDaemon's Final Fantasy flails, and even though she's been busy with work lately I'm hoping to get her back on the site soon in some capacity. And as for future games, there were lots of requests for Black Matrix Zero, so we're going to get a copy of that! Not sure if it'll be me or Isstvan82 writing about it, but we're definitely going to be bringing that to you in the future. And again, thanks to everybody who's come here and read the site over the past two years!

Time to announce the winner! Chosen via random number generation at the tried and true random.org, the winner is...

Willstone Geis! We'll be in touch shortly to get an address so we can send you your games. Congratulations!

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