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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Our Third Anniversary!

...which was actually yesterday, but I was still too tired from my con trip to realize. No special contests or anything this year I'm sorry to say, but neither should it pass completely unremarked.

First off and most importantly: thanks to everyone who reads and watches! Every comment and like and Tweet and +1 and thumbs-up is really appreciated by all of us. The conversations we've had and the feedback we've gotten have been well worth the effort we've put in, and we always love hearing from people who enjoyed our stuff. So if you've been reading us since day one or if you're new here: Thanks! Hope you enjoy it!

We've been on a a YouTube kick here for the past year or so, especially for me since a great community has sprung up around Gundam Battle Operation and I've been putting a lot of time into that. If you're not a Gundam person... well, for one rest easy being in the majority of humanity. For another, now that I've got a respectable PC for gaming and capturing I'm hoping to expand back into other Flailthroughs-appropriate gaming for posting here. FTP games are designed to be timesinks and oh, how I've sunk. But Isstvan82 and AngeliqueDaemon have kept us going with Flails for a long time while I tended to my Gundaming, and I'm really grateful for that as well. Now that we can do all kinds of Horrible People gaming and even drag ExVee into the game, we're having a lot of fun. I'm hoping to manage a group Flail, but that depends on time and money and the usual real-life stuff that keeps awesome projects as awesome ideas for the undefined future.

So, where to from here? No clue whatsoever! Which is in keeping with the sprit of the site, don't you think? Gundam is going to continue, I'll continue, Isstvan's going to continue Isstvaning, Angel will Angel, ExVee will Dicks, People will still be Horrible. We've got some other ideas and plans for the future that we're still hacking our way through as I said, but Flailthroughs will continue for as long as we've got the time and energy to play games and talk about playing games. Or talk about everything but the game while playing the game. You know how it is.

Thanks again, everybody!

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