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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Gundam Breaker for 9/24!

Rob- I -really got ticked about the Super Smash Bros. 3DS demo situation, and I recorded this last Thursday or Friday when the regular demo came out and was limited in uses. Which ticked me off more. Any one of two minor adjustments would take the screw-you out of the distribution:

1. Make it so only Club Nintendo Platinum members get early access.

2. Remove the limited uses on the general demo.

As it is, it's a seriously fuck-you feeling to not just not get the best demo not just because I haven't tithed enough to Nintendo this year, but because I also don't have any friends who did. I have misgivings about fighters on portables anyway- controllers wear out, and the controller here is part of an integrated $180 unit. So for all of these reasons and more: can the internet stop gushing about Nintendo now? Going back to suggesting they're doomed is optional, but that seems to be the binary state of the topic.

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