We don't always like being nonplussed

Knowing what's going on is SO overrated.

So what's this about? The joys of confusion, mainly: a Flailthrough is when you play through games in Japanese without having much if any clue what anybody's saying. (Well, okay- I cheated and learned how to read Hiragana and Katakana in my Teen Otaku phase -the one that lasted into my late twenties -so I can at least use items and pick commands and stuff. AngeliqueDaemon and Isstvan82(Formerly That Guy) are the real deal, and know just about no Japanese at all. Occasionally I'll help with some simple stuff but hey, ignorance is bliss and I sure don't want to disrupt anybody's bliss.)  Flailthroughs are also pretty much the opposite of a Let's Play, since a Let's Play endeavors to show you the game through the eyes of an expert.

You can also find AngeliqueDaemon's dedicated reporting on the random madness that falls out of Isstvan82's head at our sister blog, Crazy Shit My Boyfriend Says.

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So yeah: Welcome to Flailthroughs!