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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Ogre Battle 75: Everybody Must Get Stoned (Part 2)

Missed one in Diaspola last time- The Lapis Lazuli!

Here in Malano, it's in this hidden town we were too busy to deal with previously. It's the Turquoise! Good thing Kamui works cheap, because the deploy costs for 12 of these bastards are gonna cost me.

In Muspelm, another hidden spot I never bothered to find. Malachite GET! And we now have more than half.

In Lake Jansenia, the only Temple on the map, lies the Amethyst!

Here in Avalon, amongst the volcanos, we get the Cross Stone. Two to go!

In this hidden Roshian Temple in the Ryhan Sea, we get the Carbuncle!

And the last one is... here... in the Tundra, this stage we kinda forgot to do a few levels back. So I guess we'll do that tomorrow!

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