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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Ogre Battle 86: It's Not a JRPG Without Family Reunions Gone Wrong

This is a damned weird state of affairs: I end up forcing payday before I deploy Saradin and Rauny so I lose less money on their wages than I otherwise would. Annapolis' taxes mean I end up only 7,000 Goth down for the day. Then I pull another 30,000 worth of troops. Sob.

Double Sob. Rauny's got a lot of chumps to hack through on her way to her dad's place. Not that it matters too much- she's been completely unlikeable and amoral for a while now. Can't be helped. War does nasty things to even the people who survive, and this is probably one of the few games to take that into account with a game mechanic.

Kamui never makes it to the last treasure- Rauny has met up with her father. It's a civil meeting right up until she asks him to abandon his post. He can't do that, upon his pride as a Winzalf. (I think it's Winzalf. Good enough.)

Freija vs. Freija. We play World first to protect ourselves from the magic, then pop Star to up our AGI and I throw Chariot in to whittle him down for good measure. ...hey, lucky me. His attack is magical. And then, I screw up. Rauny can't do enough damage to finish him, so I pull Judgement, which means it may not count as Rauny's win.

...or possibly it does since we trigger dialogue. General Hikash Winzalf laments his life, and dies in his daughter's arms.

And we capture Xanadu, winning a pittance in the process. Next stop: Zeteginea.

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